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By: Dr. Scott Brundage, MD

Statistically in the past the most popular procedures for men have been improvement in the appearance of the nose and eyelids. However, today we are seeing a new trend. One of the top areas of concern has become the chin & neck. Most men naturally tend to have a more prominent jawline with the neck being a prominent part of that definition. It is definitely a common stereotype of masculinity. Some men are just born with a “softer” appearance in that area. Others find that the chin and jawline can become less defined as they age with or without weight gain. Despite the higher level of acceptance in our field, most men would rather look “older” or “softer” than have any visible signs of surgical intervention. Fortunately, with today’s options we can achieve a fantastic result with little or no signs of cosmetic treatment.

To reshape the chin, the only option is surgery. The chin cannot be augmented with fillers or other non-surgical treatments. The most common procedure is an Augmentation Genioplasty. In this simple procedure an implant is placed bringing the jawline forward adding symmetry to the face. Many times, we will also perform neck liposuction to remove any fatty deposits thus gaining better definition of the jawline. In more extreme cases where extra skin is an issue a neck lift would be performed. If the chin implant is placed thru an intraoral approach there is no visible scar.

In the case of a heavy neck there are several treatment options. This appearance can be from age or often it is a family trait related to one’s genetics in the younger population. As mentioned, this area can be treated with liposuction for an immediate change with a short recovery. For those men that want a change but do not want a recovery, the newer non-surgical treatments like Kybella & CoolSculpting are great options. Kybella is a highly refined form of deoxycholic acid that works by separating and breaking apart stubborn submental fat deposits thus allowing them to be removed through the body’s natural process of elimination. It is injected into the neck (similar to a Botox injection) essentially dissolving away the fat. CoolSculpting is a procedure that uses a method called Cryolipolysis in which the fat is safely “frozen”. An applicator is placed on the chin that draws in the fatty tissue cooling it to a temperature that causes the fat cells to die and then be eliminated through the lymphatic system. Both procedures have been cleared by the FDA and will result in permanent fat reduction with little or no downtime.

Male patients come to us seeking cosmetic help for a multitude of reasons. For some it’s about restoring what they once had. For others it’s about correcting an appearance they’ve dealt with for many years which could be related to genetics. Whatever the reason, it’s our job as surgeons to give them the options that will bring them the desired result. Today procedures are available for both men and women that will enhance their appearance. At the Centre for Plastic Surgery, we have all the options available. A simple consultation can find out which option would be best for you.