Our Practice the Centre for Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the Centre for Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids Michigan

Our practice is a place where your well-being is our top priority. We are privileged to be a part of your journey to both look and feel your best. Your privacy is highly respected, and we are dedicated to meeting your every need with meticulous care. From your first consultation to your surgery and beyond, our team is here to warmly welcome you, address any concerns you may have, and earn your trust.

Our dedicated team of expert surgeons, caring nurses, office staff, surgical technologists, and board-certified anesthesiologists are here to provide you with a sense of calm and confidence on the day of your surgery. We have a private surgical center that allows our support team to give you their full attention, ensuring both you and your caregiver are comfortable and well-informed throughout the entire process. Rest assured that we take great pride in our exceptional skills and inherent compassion, and we uphold the highest standards of patient care for each and every surgery. You can trust that you are in good hands with us. 

Personalized care begins with an unhurried, interactive consultation between you and any one of our Grand Rapids plastic surgeons. Centre for Plastic Surgery experts— Dr. Leppink, Dr. Rechner, and Dr. Boston— aim to ensure that you are knowledgeable, comfortable, and confident with your personal aesthetic decisions. 

At our accredited surgical facility, we prioritize your comfort and peace of mind, whether you're a new or returning patient. We understand that any procedure can be intimidating, but we are here to ensure you feel as relaxed as possible throughout the entire process.

Our founder emeritus, Dr. Randall Telman, established our center in 1983 on Michigan Street in Grand Rapids. In 1987, he was joined by his good friend and skilled surgeon Dr. Scott Brundage. Together, they revolutionized patient care by ensuring the highest standards of privacy and comfort for our patients.

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