Facial Surgery for Men in Grand Rapids, MI

Welcome to the world of men's facial aesthetics, a thriving industry that is growing every year. More and more men are opting for preventative, rejuvenative, and corrective treatments. At the Centre for Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids, our experienced physicians and skilled skin care staff specialize in surgical procedures that deliver remarkable results. Trust us to help you achieve your desired look and feel great.

Why Do Men Consider Facial Plastic Surgery?

For many men, there comes a time when they’re ready for a fresh start with a new, rejuvenated appearance that matches their vibrant outlook on life. Whether through an accident, aging, or genetic traits, if you’ve ever felt unhappy with your appearance, we are here to help. Our restorative facial procedures will infuse youthfulness and balance into your eyes, brow, and even your entire face, leaving you looking as great as you feel inside. Why not take the leap and put your best face forward today? 

We Offer the Following Types Facial Surgery for Men


Are you wanting to relieve sagging skin and tighten facial muscles? Consider a facelift, also known as rhytidectomy. This procedure can remove excess fatty tissue and create a more youthful look. During the procedure, your surgeon will make small incisions around your ears and chin for access to lift your face and neck skin. You'll be left with a refreshed appearance that can make you feel confident and vibrant.

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Chin Liposuction

Did you know that your chin and jawline can affect the balance and harmony of all your facial features? If you're looking for a way to enhance your profile and achieve a more masculine look, submental liposuction is an excellent option. This procedure can help define your chin and jaw, giving you the confidence and appearance, you desire.

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 Nose Reshaping

If you've ever considered nose surgery, you're not alone. Whether you were born with a unique nose structure, or have suffered an injury causing deformity, rhinoplasty may be able to help. This surgical procedure is designed to reshape the nose for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. In fact, it's been a popular choice for men all throughout the US for quite some time. The best part? Each procedure is tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient, making it a highly personalized experience.

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 Eyelid Lift

Are you tired of looking tired? Consider Blepharoplasty. This procedure removes and repositions the skin, fat, and muscle around the eyes, resulting in a more alert and youthful appearance. Not only will you love your new look, but some patients have reported improved eyesight due to the removal of sagging eyelids.

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 Eyebrow Lift

Sinking and wrinkling of the skin is a natural part of aging. Luckily, with a brow lift, you can reverse these noticeable signs. The procedure involves tightening and lifting the skin around the forehead area, resulting in a more youthful and awake appearance. The best part? The surgery is minimally invasive with small scalp incisions using a thin scope.

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Facial Surgery for Men at Centre for Plastic Surgery

Before & After

Original Image After
Original Image Before
This patient is a 54 year old man who complained about the appearance of his neck after a 30lb weight loss. He underwent a full facelift that included liposuction, and skin removal with repositioning.
Original Image After
Original Image Before
This patient is a 20 year old man who suffered injuries to the nose. He underwent a rhinoplasty that included lightly taking down the dorsum, a small cartilage graft to the indentation, and reduction of the bulbous tip.

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