Price Estimator

Many people wonder about the cost of our plastic surgery services, and we're happy to provide answers! Whether you're considering liposuction, a mommy makeover, a tummy tuck, or any of our other procedures, keep in mind all charges will be tailored to your meet specific needs. However, for an initial idea of your desired plastic surgery procedure cost, our pricing estimate form is an excellent resource.

What Contributes to the Cost of a Plastic Surgery Procedure?

The total cost of a plastic surgery procedure often considers a number of factors. In addition to a surgeon’s fee, the price can include facility and anesthesia fees, as well as the cost of any additional post-surgical tools and garments for recovery.

Financing Options for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Plastic surgery procedures are often not covered by insurance, and we understand many patients’ interest in pursuing financing options. At the Centre for Plastic Surgery, our trusted financial partners include Lake Michigan Credit Union, CareCredit, and M-Lend Financial. We are also able to bill Priority Health insurance for some procedures. Our team is happy to work with you directly to determine the best financial plan for your treatment.

Plastic Surgery Price Estimator

Our pricing estimate form was designed to provide the average cost for what most patients pay for the procedure selected. While this calculator can provide you with a general number of what your surgery may cost, we treat each patient as an individual and often customize treatments. We recommend contacting our team directly to schedule a consultation and receive a personalized price estimate.

Patient Review

 “Dr. Rechner is very thorough and covered all bases with me. I liked that I met with him and he talked to me himself about the entire process, when some places have nurses do most of the consultative work and the doctor interaction is minimal.”* -Rhinoplasty Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink is an incredible surgeon! He came highly recommended to me hairstylist who after eight years or better is still completely satisfied with Dr. Leppink’s work. The office staff was very thorough and pleasant; Dr. Leppink provided a plethora of information and made sure to answer all of my questions. He has a very sweet demeanor and I appreciated the time he took to explain everything.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink