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By: Dr. Rechner

Patients often come to us with questions about combining procedures, especially after children. For many women a “Mommy Makeover” will involve having an abdominoplasty, breast surgery, and possibly liposuction. Whether or not these procedures are done at the same time is determined by multiple factors. Patient safety is our first and foremost concern when considering which surgeries to perform. The safety of an operation depends upon the patients’ body habitus and health status. If the planned operation is going to take longer than 6 hours then I recommend doing the surgeries in separate settings. Doing one surgery should never compromise the result of another.

If a patient has a high BMI and needs an extended or circumferential abdominoplasty then the breast surgery would be done as a separate procedure. Conversely, if a patient is quite thin and healthy then the abdominoplasty could be done at the same time as a breast augmentation or breast lift. If a patient has any health issues then surgical times are kept to a minimum and the procedure may be performed at a hospital rather than an outpatient center. The anesthesia provider will also weigh in on these issues.

Beyond concerns of time, another factor to consider is recovery. The more areas that are surgically addressed in a single setting can also impact the recovery period. More surgery will involve more discomfort though most areas will heal along similar timelines. The types of procedures can also affect patient safety during recovery. For instance, having liposuction of the thighs combined with an abdominoplasty can decrease mobility which can increase the risk for blood clots (DVT).

Many procedures can be combined and are safely performed with outstanding results! It’s always important to seek a board certified plastic surgeon and a certified anesthesia provider who will have your best interests in mind. The most important part of any cosmetic surgery plan is that you are provided with the safest experience and best possible outcome.

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