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Plastic Surgery for Men is On the Rise: Join the Movement

Plastic Surgery

September 22, 2023

We all want to look and feel like our best selves, so it’s no surprise that more and more men are opting for plastic surgery procedures. Whether they’re seeking to improve facial appearance or achieve their desired physique, men are beginning to take vital steps toward becoming comfortable in their own skin. If you’re a man who is considering embarking on the plastic surgery journey, it’s valuable to understand what the process looks like, which procedures are popular, and why you might want to consider an operation.

Why Male Plastic Surgeries are Growing in Popularity

For some time, there has been a stigma around male cosmetic procedures. It’s widely common and accepted for women to seek out surgical solutions that address extra tissue or aging features, but men have historically received a different response. Recently, more surgeons are normalizing the male procedures they offer, encouraging more men to pursue treatment. Cosmetic surgeries are simply a way to feel more physically confident and comfortable, and many men are starting to recognize the value of that fact.

What Men Should Expect in the Plastic Surgery Process

At the Centre for Plastic Surgery, we follow a fairly standard process for all cosmetic procedures. Our experts start with a consultation, where you’ll meet with a surgeon to discuss your desired outcome and what the steps will be to get there. Our top priority is ensuring that your needs are met, we’re answering your questions, and you’re comfortable with your doctor. When you’ve decided to move forward with a procedure, we’ll talk through scheduling and financing options. Depending on the surgery you’re receiving, your doctor will provide tips and necessary actions to take before your appointment to ensure a smooth recovery.

On the day of your operation, you’ll have a trusted person come with you who we recommend assisting in caring for you during recovery. This process is different for everyone, but it’s helpful to know there is someone there who can offer support through the ups and downs. Once the recovery period is over, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your new physical features!

Facial Plastic Surgeries for Men

Male facial cosmetic procedures pay close attention to features like the male jawline, chin, eyebrows, and eyelids. These surgeries seek to provide a rejuvenated appearance that may have been previously dimmed by age, genetics, weight, and a variety of other factors.

Chin Liposuction for Men

Through male chin liposuction, you can receive a more chiseled jawline and defined facial features. Small incisions in the chin area allow our tools to suck out fat and leave you with fast, stunning results.

Male Facelift

For men experiencing sagging facial skin, a facelift procedure may be the answer to reviving a youthful appearance. Through small incisions around the neck and ears, facial skin is tightened to give a more taut and refreshed appearance.

Nose Reshaping for Men

Whether you’ve experienced an injury or have always been unhappy with your nose structure, a rhinoplasty can address your concerns. This personalized procedure leaves men with a revived appearance they can feel more confident in.

Male Eyelid Lift

Experiencing a consistent drowsy look, or even poor eyesight? Eyelid lifts for men can help to create a more alert and youthful appearance by the removal of sagging eyelids.

Male Eyebrow Lift

Loose skin and wrinkles can negatively affect the appearance of your forehead, but an eyebrow lift can remedy that. By tightening and lifting skin around the forehead, men can start to see a youthful update to their face.

Body Plastic Surgeries for Men

Body confidence is difficult to achieve, but our male body cosmetic procedures can help. The surgical enhancements we offer help contour the body and give you a physique you’re comfortable with.

Male Breast Reductions

Enlarged male breasts, also referred to as Gynecomastia, are a common concern holding men back from physical confidence. A male breast reduction eliminates this excess tissue through a couple different methods, depending on the individual.

Liposuction for Men

Achieve your desired body contours with a simple liposuction procedure. Following a small incision, fat is suctioned out to sculpt the physique. This surgery is quick and easy, allowing patients to get back to regular routines in under a week.

Why Men Should Consider Plastic Surgery

There’s no time like the present to start seeing the results you’ve been longing for. Our male cosmetic procedures provide men with the boost they need to feel confident in their bodies and start living their best lives. If you feel held back by your physique or facial appearance, exploring plastic surgery may be the proper next step. Schedule a consultation with us today, and our experts will talk through male surgical possibilities, our process for men, and how you can reach the physical goals you’ve always dreamed of.