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We all want the “best” plastic surgeon when it comes to having surgery to improve our appearance. So how do you find the right plastic surgeon for you?

Here is a guide to help you when making this important decision.

– At a minimum the plastic surgeon should be Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery and be experienced.

– Check out the surgeon’s website to review their credentials and view their before and after photos.

– Look for testimonials and reviews by other patients who have had surgery.

– Get a feel for the office staff – how they answer the phone and how they treat you. You will likely be dealing with the staff as much as the surgeon.

– At your consultation, get a sense of how you connect with your surgeon. The patient physician relationship is very important!

– The consultation should be very specific to you – your desires and expectations and how the surgery pertains to you.

– You should feel informed and educated when leaving a consultation, not like something was sold to you.

Plastic Surgery is a very competitive business. Beware of plastic surgeons who advertise they were voted “best” by certain surveys. Often times will pay for and campaign for votes to win so they can use this in their marketing. Best can sometimes mean “best marketing plastic surgeon.”

Deciding which plastic surgeon to choose can seem confusing at times. With a little research, making this decision can be easier than you think!

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