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People make the decision to get plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking a way to address a body issue they have had for a significant amount of time, and others seek a change after going through a dramatic body transformation such as weight loss or pregnancy.

On the surface, many people see plastic surgery as strictly a cosmetic procedure, geared exclusively toward changing the way you look. While this is certainly the outcome, the majority of people seeking plastic surgery have an emotional or psychological need that is also helped with the procedure.

For more than 30 years, the team of surgeons at the Centre for Plastic Surgery have been helping patients with a full range of cosmetic procedures. They have witnessed firsthand both the immediate and long-term benefits plastic surgery can have for a person, which continues to be backed both by research and client testimonials. If you have been considering a cosmetic procedure, here’s what you may experience beyond the surgery.

Setting Expectations.

The biggest factor in all research around the psychological effects is the level of expectation a patient has before a procedure. People with unrealistic expectations of what plastic surgery will do to their confidence, happiness, and life overall are most likely to experience dissatisfaction with the procedure. The Centre for Plastic Surgery’s lead nurse said, “We are about total body and mind wellness. We go above and beyond to make sure patients are ready. We want our patients to be healthy all around before surgery.”

The second key factor in setting your expectations for plastic surgery is to focus on yourself. Former patients have emphasized the importance of having a procedure based entirely on doing it for your personal reasons. One patient shared, “I wanted my body to reflect how confident I truly was. I wanted my outside to match how I felt inside. I feel like my true self now.”

A Range of Benefits

By having a thorough understanding of what you are looking to change physically and hoping to gain mentally, your surgeon is able to help you wholly prepare for your procedure. The Centre for Plastic Surgery’s nurse added, “We want to treat everybody in a way that shows we understand how unique they are, we aren’t just trying to get someone to have a procedure. We go through great lengths to ensure they are both mentally and physically ready for surgery.”

Research has recently found benefits in a wide range of psychological areas including anxiety, depression, life satisfaction, mental and physical health, and self-esteem. It’s very common for people to report an increased sense of confidence and control of their life. This increased confidence can give people the motivation they need to set and pursue new goals in life, try new things, and live more comfortably in their own skin.

Part of helping people live more comfortably in their own skin is focusing on natural procedures to help patients project the true confidence and beauty they see in themselves. One patient found exactly that, saying, “I wanted to look like natural and that is exactly how I feel I look. People who have met me post surgery have no idea I’ve had a procedure.”

Personalized Follow Up

To the team of nurses and surgeons at the Centre for Plastic Surgery, it’s incredibly important to work with patients well after a surgery is completed. This includes both phone calls and postoperative visits geared specifically toward making sure every patient receives the personal focus and benefits they pride themselves on offering. It’s not uncommon to hear stories one patient recently shared, saying, “My life was completely changed by plastic surgery. I feel confident, I feel like a woman. It wasn’t about gaining attention, it was about feeling like myself. It’s the best decision I have ever made.”

The most common feedback they receive is a person wishing they would have decided much sooner to get a procedure done, and are happy they finally did. One surgeon said, “After our patients have their surgery, they are genuinely happy… when they come in for post-op visits, you can see the emotional change. They are exceedingly happy.” If you think the time is right to start discussing a plastic surgery procedure, you can contact the team at the Centre for Plastic Surgery for a free consultation today.

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