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By: Julia Weston, Marketing Director

The medical aesthetic world is full of promises of a new and improved you. There are so many different modalities offering an enhanced figure, beautiful healthy skin, and a more youthful appearance. With all the information out there, it can be really difficult for a patient to decide what to choose. Truthfully, it can be pretty difficult for us too! While we are dedicated to offering you the very best, it can be very hard to pick and choose what is best for our patients when new technology and modalities are coming to the market almost daily. Here are the three most important things we consider before deciding what to offer.


The health and well being of our patients is absolutely the number one concern for our doctors and other providers. As an accredited surgical facility, we are held to the highest safety standards in the medical community. Unfortunately, there have been too many instances where medical professionals have put aside safety concerns just to meet the requests of the public. Just because there might be a demand for a procedure, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe. For instance, gluteal augmentation (a.k.a. Brazilian Butt Lift) has been one of the most in demand procedures around the world for the last couple years. We are contacted by prospective patients on a weekly basis hoping to get a boost for their behinds. There are a number of surgical options out there like gluteal implants and fat transfer. However, recent studies have shown that statistically it is one of the riskiest procedures. Malposition of implants, serious infection, other medical complications, and even death has occurred much too frequently for us to perform this procedure at this time. When we can be assured that it is reasonably safe for our patients, we may reconsider. Again, our focus is safety first.

(For more information on our position regarding the safety of Gluteal Augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift, CLICK HERE).


When a patient entrusts us with their care, one of the most important factors in our line of work is results! Not only do we want to see results, we want those results to be consistent for as many patients as possible. Unfortunately, we have found that many of the modalities available can have a fairly consistent “non-response” rate as well. Essentially this means that a certain percentage of patients may not see any results or the results are very minimal. So how do we overcome that? First, we research. We dig into journal studies, clinical studies, and other publications to learn more about new treatments, products, and procedures. We want to know why, how, and who they will work for. Second, we wait. We are not always the first office to jump into brand new technology. It’s not because we don’t want the best for our patients, it’s because we want to see consistent results first. We carefully monitor patient reviews and communicate with offices all over the country before bringing in a new modality. Third, we try it. As a whole, our staff has a great love for what we do and we are more than willing to be “guinea pigs”. Multiple staff members will try treatments, products, and procedures for weeks or even months before we bring it to our patients. Our patients can be assured that the products and procedures that we offer have been carefully researched, are tried and true, and that they will offer the most consistent results possible.


Beauty is pain, right? Let’s hope not! It’s true that some of the surgeries, procedures, and treatments that we offer can cause some discomfort. That being said, we make it a top priority to do and provide everything we can to make our patient’s time with us as pleasant as possible. Typically the feedback that we get from patients is that their procedure was much easier than expected (even after surgery)! For example, we recently added Microblading to our skin care menu. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make-up that creates the look of individual hairs for the appearance of a sculpted eye brow. The technician uses as special hand tool to place pigment into the deeper layers of the dermis for a natural looking, low maintenance brow. This procedure can be pretty uncomfortable without properly numbing the area. We tried multiple types of prescription grade numbing creams before settling on one that makes the procedure virtually painless. As a result, we are now using that same cream for the majority of our more ablative skin care procedures. It is a bit more costly to us than other options, but very beneficial to a patient’s care and comfort.

The world of medical aesthetics is both an exciting and overwhelming place with endless options and fabulous promises. The uplifting and empowering nature of what we do paired with the incredible people we call patients, make the time, effort, and research well worth it. Patients of the Centre for Plastic Surgery can be assured that we have evaluated every aspect of each of our services to provide the safest, most comfortable, and best results possible. To learn more, explore our website and hear what our patients have to say!