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By: Douglas M. Leppink, MD

The process of choosing a Plastic Surgeon to help you achieve your goals can be confusing! The first thing to check is the Board-certification that the surgeon has, as this confirms that their type of practice, education and experience has been examined by an independent board. Most Plastic Surgeons continue to follow yearly education programs to maintain their certification (MOC).

The second thing to check is the reputation the Plastic Surgeon has in the community. Do not be misled by “Best Plastic Surgeon …” awards that can be obtained through a skillful media campaign. Ask your physician, your neighbor, the nurse who has kids in your kids class, or others you trust.

Third, and most important is to evaluate your Plastic Surgeon during the consultation. A Plastic Surgeon should take the time to get to know you and your concerns, because you will be working together to achieve your goals. The procedure should be explained in easy to understand terms with plenty of time to clarify any confusion you have. The Plastic Surgeon’s own before and after photos should be available for you to review, and should be used to teach you more about the procedure. All your questions should be answered. You should feel like you could work with the Plastic Surgeon you choose.

The process of choosing a Plastic Surgeon is not quick or easy, but is worth the time invested. In the end, you want someone to help you Look and Feel your Best!

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