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By: Ronda Oosting

As a new employee at Centre for Plastic Surgery, I can honestly say I have gone through a bit of culture shock.

I was recently hired to assist the front staff as well as marketing director. Though I have experience as a skin care receptionist and a background with sales and marketing, I was hesitant to join a cosmetic plastic surgery office. I was concerned with what my friends and family might think about me working here. Will they start judging me or critique me with an eagle eye now that I work for a plastic surgeon? I was also anxious about who I would be working with. Are the women overdone and fake, or are they actually friendly, normal and down to earth? I wondered if the doctors and other providers were truly tactful medical professionals. Do they focus on the patient’s needs and safety, or are they simply in it to make as much money as possible? After much contemplation, I decided to give it a try here, and I am glad I did! Contrary to what I expected, I’m proud to say Centre for Plastic Surgery has an amazing, unique culture.

I quickly learned that all staff, from the receptionists to surgeons, are truly down to earth people just like me.

They have taken time out of their busy day to make me feel welcome and valued. I have only been here for a few weeks, yet I feel like I know them quite well already. Each person here truly cares about the Centre for Plastic Surgery family, which includes both our staff and our patients. Just like our staff, our patients are friendly, every day women and men. They enjoy coming because they feel the warm welcome and appreciate our professional yet casual atmosphere. Our Centre for Plastic Surgery family is committed to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere while helping patients to look and feel their best.

Contrary to what I expected, our staff values honesty and patient satisfaction over bringing in more revenue.

That was definitely not the culture I expected to find in this industry. The aestheticians and injections specialists are highly trained professionals who are current and up to date in their field. We also make sure we have the latest technology, cutting edge equipment and most effective skin care products. Many offices use their expertise and current technology to their advantage by overcharging patients or selling products and services not specific to patient needs. I was shocked to hear our staff be completely honest with patients, letting them know when a procedure or product may not deliver the result they are hoping for. Here at Centre for Plastic Surgery our goal is to give honest advice, leading to 100% patient satisfaction.

Perhaps the biggest misconception I had about the office was regarding the motives behind procedures performed here.

Though the negative stigma attached to plastic surgery has lessened over the years, there is the idea that people who have plastic surgery are vain or counterfeit. However, it is our passion to help our patients regain their confidence and truly feel comfortable with who they are. Our surgeons and other providers truly listen to each patient’s desires, and strive to meet their needs. They are not, however, willing to do things that aren’t in the best interest for them physically or emotionally. We make it our goal to restore both female and masculine physiques, while keeping the appearance as natural as possible. I found our patients to be just like you and me. They are here to care for their skin, restore their natural beauty and age gracefully. For that reason, I am proud to be part of the Centre of Plastic Surgery and Centre for Pure Skin family. I personally invite you to join our family as well!