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By: Douglas M. Leppink, MD

Many woman are worried they will lose sensation in their nipples following breast enhancement surgery;* while the loss of sensation is rare there is a risk of a change. When the “pocket” or space for the breast implant is made the surgeon effectively pushes the breast gland and muscle back to develop the space for the implant (like pushing back furniture in the living room for a party space). This means that the nerves are stretched over the implant, and may not work as well as they did before. Most of the time hypersensitivity is the result of the nerve stretching, but this resolves over time. When numbness occurs the return of sensation may take a year or more. The only thing to do is live a healthy life (no smoking, good diet, etc) and expect a return to normal sensation over time. Thankfully changes in nipple sensation are very rare!

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*Individual results may vary.

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