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What Make a Good Tummy Tuck Candidate?

Having babies, aging, weight fluxuations, and other genetic factors are likely to affect our bodies. While these things are all perfectly normal and acceptable changes to experience, the reality is that it doesn’t always FEEL very good. But what makes the best candidate for Tummy Tuck surgery?

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Your Guide to a Successful Tummy Tuck

Jun 5, 2019 Tummy Tuck

Deciding to schedule a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a huge and very personal decision. If you are like most, you have probably been contemplating whether or not to go through with it for a while. You are likely feeling excited about the new you, and anxious about the actual procedure. Quite often, anxious feelings creep up due to fear of the unknown and not understanding what to expect. Let’s ward off the anxiety by helping you prepare with a thorough explanation of the procedure as well as a complete tummy tuck checklist.

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Tummy Tuck Tips- Outpatient Surgery

Oct 5, 2018 Tummy Tuck

Even though a Tummy Tuck procedure is a fairly extensive surgery, it is generally performed as an outpatient procedure. At the Centre for Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids Michigan we perform a large number of outpatient Tummy Tuck procedures each year in our private accredited surgery center. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons like ours are required to perform surgery in accredited centers. To have a surgery center accredited it means that the center must meet most if not all of the requirements that a local hospital would have to meet. This accreditation is renewed yearly, and detailed inspections are part of that renewal process. Since most private surgical centers like ours perform only cosmetic surgical procedures, it generally means that the infection rate is much lower than procedures performed at a hospital.

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What are the different types of Tummy Tuck procedures?

By: Dr. Brundage, MD It is my feeling there are 4 standard types of Tummy Tucks. The least common would be a mini tummy tuck. This entails working mostly on lower abdomen and only tightening the muscles from the belly button down. The most common tummy tuck procedure we perform is a regular (standard) tummy…

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Swelling & Your Tummy Tuck Incision

Aug 8, 2016 Tummy Tuck

By: Dr. Leppink Why do I have swelling above my Tummy Tuck incision line? All patients have some swelling above their incision line after a Tummy Tuck. This is caused by the division of the lymphatic vessels that drain the abdominal skin and fat of the natural fluid that leaks out of our working muscles. Usually…

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So…I Think I Want a Tummy Tuck

By: Lisa  For those of you that don’t know me, I have been a Certified Scrub Technician at the Centre for Plastic Surgery for 8 years. After all the tummy tuck procedures I had seen & done (hundreds!), it didn’t seem too hard so I decided that after having 3 kids & losing some weight…

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All About Abdominoplasty

By: Dr. Leppink “I do situps all the time but I can’t get my tummy flat again after my pregnancy!” We hear this statement all the time from our frustrated post-pregnancy patients, and unfortunately they are right! The changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy can very seldom be improved with even the…

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Mommy Makeover Recovery Guide

  By: Douglas Leppink M.D. A “Mommy Makeover”, which often includes a “Tummy Tuck” and Breast Surgery, is a common and effective way to restore a youthful contour to a woman’s figure after pregnancy or weight loss. The “Tummy Tuck” procedure involves both removal of excess skin as well as tightening of abdominal “core” muscles.…

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