Patient Referral Rewards

Can you keep a secret? We hope not!

The best compliment you can give to us is to refer a friend or family member. We appreciate it so much, we would like to reward you both.

It’s easy! Here’s how it works

  • Refer a friend for surgery and you will both receive a $100 credit.
  • Refer a friend for CoolSculpting or injections and you will both receive a $50 credit.
  • Refer a friend for skin care services and you will both receive a $25 credit.
  • Make sure that your friend gives us your name!

All credits may be used toward surgery, skin care services, injectable services, CoolSculpting, or skin care products. Credits will be added to your patient account through our Pure Skin Posh Points program once treatment is received. **There is no maximum - you may refer as many friends as you would like. Please remember that we cannot share patient information due to HIPPA, so we will not be able to confirm who received treatment. *Effective September 1st, 2015. Any referrals before this date will fall into our previous referral program. If you have referred someone, and have not received your gift, please contact us!

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