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Many men find that their body changes over time and that they are bothered by the “spare tire” that may develop around the midsection. Due to hormonal changes this area of the body can become very dense, fibrous, and resistant to diet and exercise. Many men seek aesthetic procedures to correct this area of concern.


Most men are able to achieve the look that they desire through liposuction. In a liposuction procedure, a small incision is made in the skin just large enough to insert a small hollow tube called a cannula. The cannula suctions the fat from the designated areas to create the desired look. This body contouring procedure is performed in our outpatient surgery center, usually under a local sedation anesthesia. Typically, our patients are back to work in 3 to 5 days and can resume sports activities in four to six weeks.


Abdominoplasty in men is used primarily to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen. Most male abdominoplasty patients have experienced a significant weightloss that has contributed to loose skin in the stomach area. This procedure targets the abdomen between the pelvic bone and the navel, where stores of excess fat and skin so frequently accumulate. Following the procedure, patients have a firmer, leaner, and more sculpted looking midsection with skin that lays taut over the area. Recovery time varies from patient to patient based on overall health and occupation.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Many men that are experiencing less significant fatty deposits in the abdomen or other areas of the body elect to undergo a non-surgical fat reduction treatment called CoolSculpting®. This alternative to liposuction employs Cryolipolysis™ which is a patented method that uses carefully controlled cooling to reduce fat cells, triggering their permanent death. This process does not harm the skin or other tissue and acts strictly on fat cells. Once the fat cells are treated, they are gradually eliminated through your body’s own metabolic processes. Patients typically experience a 20-25% reduction of fat cells in the targeted area with each treatment. No anesthesia or pain medication is required. Patients can return immediately to their normal routine, even strenuous exercise. Because it is both non-surgical and non-invasive, issues that may prevent candidacy for a surgical procedure will not limit your ability to receive treatment. It’s ideal for men who cannot take time to recover from a more involved body contouring option. For more information about Coolsculpting, please click here.

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