Breast Reduction

Breast reduction plastic surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure in which the size of the breasts is reduced through removal of excess tissue and skin. Breast reduction surgery is a frequent choice for women who are uncomfortable with their large breasts and who suffer from problems such as the following:

  • Back, shoulder, and neck pain
  • Skin rashes and excess sweating under the breasts
  • Mastodynia (breast pain)
  • Discomfort from excess pressure of bra straps
  • Self-consciousness about breast size
  • Difficulty finding clothing that fits

In cases in which the breasts are so large that they cause medical problems, such as back pain, reduction mammoplasty is frequently covered by health insurance plans. In cases in which the procedure is done for cosmetic reasons, however, it is normally not covered by insurance. Your surgeon will help in determining whether your procedure is likely to be covered, and may assist you in filing an insurance claim.

In most breast reduction procedures, the surgeon removes excess tissue and skin, creating a smaller, firmer breast, and raises the nipple and areola higher on the breast to accommodate the new breast proportions, and create a smaller, natural looking breast. A breast lift is frequently included to create a more youthful appearance. The breast reduction procedure is most commonly performed under general anesthesia.

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