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Flawless. Clean. Dynamic. 

Hyaluronic acid is essential to the structure and resilience of our skin, but we lose the ability to maintain our own HA overtime— a root cause of visibly aging skin. RHA® Collection fillers are a revolutionary, "clean beauty", hyaluronic acid injectable product that have been intentionally formulated to closely match HA molecules found naturally in the body. Carefully developed through innovative Swiss technology, these fillers are made to integrate seamlessly into the skin's structure for an unmatched look and feel. With three dynamic RHA® Collection fillers to choose from, our experts can artfully create a treatment plan tailored specifically to you! 

This unique dermal filler portfolio is only available at select practices and Centre for Plastic Surgery & Pure Skin has been chosen as the premier location in West Michigan. Be one of the first to learn more about RHA® Collection fillers when you visit our office! 

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“I met Emily at the recent Open House and was pleased to see she was going to be taking care of me when I came in for for my consult/appointment. I felt that she really took time with me to look at my face, make the right recommendation and then carry out the procedure as comfortably as possible. I look forward to coming into the office again because of her.”* Dysport® & Restylane® Patient, Emily Mersman