Centre for Plastic Surgery Reviews

“The staff is extremely friendly and everyone goes out of the way to answer questions and make you feel comfortable. I appreciate Dr. Brundage’s demeanor and his approach to the procedure, from the original consult to the morning of surgery itself. My nurse the morning of surgery is possibly my favorite nurse to date. Loved her! [Single best thing is…] The results! I absolutely love my new new breasts!! I no longer avoid looking at myself in the mirror and feel so much more confident because of them.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, 06/09/2019, Dr. Brundage

“I was highly satisfied with my entire tummy tuck surgery due to many factors. I was encouraged by the clean and organized facility, genuine caring from Dr. Leppink, and real life experiences that he provided and staff provided. At no point did I feel like ‘another patient’, I felt that everyone really cared. Single best thing about this experience, absolutely how truly caring everyone was, and everyone listened to any questions and concerns intently.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Leppink

“Everyone is extremely friendly and nice. My doctor took his time explaining everything and making sure I understand 100% about the procedure. I love the fact I never felt rushed at any time.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, 06/07/2019, Dr. Rechner

“The facility, staff and doctors are among the highest quality. My appearance after the surgery was exactly what I wanted. Recovery wasn’t bad at all.”* -Rhinoplasty Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Leppink has always strived to try for perfection with me. I trust him completely and love the staff. I have never had a bad experience with him. I have always recommended him to other women and some of my doctor’s and will continue to do so. [Single best thing is…] After having surgery, I started feeling much better. I was having some discomfort from a previous surgery on my breast for quite awhile. After surgery and removing a silk product from my one breast that had not adhered, like it was supposed to, all symptoms went away. I feel great now.”* -Breast Implant Revision Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Leppink

“Ben took special care not to make me look like Joan Rivers, but I do look 10 years younger. [Single best thing is…] The results are amazing. You cannot tell I had a facelift-only that I look rested and like I lost weight. I did- I lost some seriously sagging skin.”* -Facelift Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Rechner

“Everyone was extremely kind. Dr. Brundage spent a valuable amount of time with me and thoroughly answered all of my questions and concerns.”* -Liposuction Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Brundage

“I received excellent treatment at all visits and during surgery. Results are amazing! [Single best thing is…] I now have eyelids! I wasn’t sure I was ever going to see them again. What a difference and what a confidence builder it is to not be thinking about this anymore and to be able to make eye contact!”* -Eyelid Surgery Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Leppink

“Everyone was very kind to me and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. Patient care is 100% their focus. I will only come here for anything regarding my cosmetic needs. Doctor Rechner is a absolute perfectionist and made me look and feel beautiful. Thank you for everything.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, 05/31/2019, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Brundage was the 4th opinion I got from doctors about my breast lift and augmentation surgery. He was the only doctor that wanted pictures of what I wanted my end result to be. He also was the only doctor that didn’t make me commit to a specific implant size prior to surgery. He said he would put sizers in me while he was operating and compare it to the picture of what I wanted my result to look like. To me, this was the selling point. His main focus was ensuring he was able to achieve the result I wanted and not just guess at what he thought I may want.”* -Breast Lift and Augmentation Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Leppink was the kindest doctor I’ve ever worked with. Thoroughly went through everything, excellent bedside manner, overall fantastic person, and I’m so happy with the results.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Leppink

“I look back and think a fairy godmother could not have picked a better surgeon for me than Dr. Rechner. He listened to all my questions and concerns and explained everything thoroughly before my surgery. I was initially hesitant with my uber curvy body type regarding what could really be accomplished but Dr. Rechner delivered truly amazing results. My after body is even better than I had dreamed was possible. Honestly, even my scar is aesthetically pleasing!! If you are contemplating a mini, full or circumferential tummy tuck please do yourself a favor and schedule a consult with Dr. Rechner. Since my surgery, the doctor and staff have been very responsive and attentive to any questions I have had during my recovery. I couldn’t be happier with this practice or this doctor.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, 05/20/2019, Dr. Rechner

“I was highly satisfied with my experience because everyone at the Centre was incredibly kind to me as soon as I walked in the door. I was seen in a timely fashion for my consultation (no long waiting period). The entire process of my surgery was explained well to me and my anxieties and fears related to having the procedure were calmed by Dr. Brundage and the other office staff that I talked to.”*- Rhinoplasty Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Brundage

​“Prior to surgery there was an honest consult. I was told what the results would look like and allowed to ask questions and give my input. The final results matched what I was told they would be.”*- Facelift Patient, 05/14/2019, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Rechner gave me all the info I need to make an educated decision without pressure or up selling! He was kind, compassionate, and straight forward. My expectations were addressed and clarified and I feel well prepared for my procedure.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, 05/14/2019, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Brundage answered my questions thoroughly. Since it was a revision it was important I understand the procedure, and I did after going carefully thru what I should expect to happen. I definitely will recommend him to others.”*- Tummy Tuck Revision Patient, 06/05/2019, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Leppink made me feel very comfortable from start to finish. He never rushed through an appointment, and made sure to explain the procedure thoroughly. I’ve had two previous surgeries with other doctors and never had a doctor with as good a bedside manner as Dr. Leppink. I appreciated that I was provided with a personalized booklet prior to surgery. I referenced that several times before and after surgery to answer any questions I had.” *- Breast Implant Revision Patient, 05/14/2019, Dr. Leppink

“They were kind and courteous.They made me feel like my needs were important. They listened.”*- Liposuction Patient, 05/01/2019/ Dr. Rechner

“Everyone was very friendly and answered all of my questions.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, 04/29/2019, Dr. Brundage

“The staff was very welcoming and accommodating. I needed some hand cream after washing my hands and they took no time getting it to me. The wait time for the actual appointment was quite short. The waiting room was very comfortable and well appointed. My actual appointment went very well. I was treated with respect and courtesy. The other thing I really appreciated was that no one tried to sell me on other procedures and remained focused on the reason for my visit.”* -Breast Reduction Patient, 04/12/2019, Dr. Leppink

“CPS was from beginning to end the most professional, kind, awesome place to work with. Everyone was so wonderful and made me feel at ease. The outcome of my surgery was better than I expected.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, 04/12/2019, Dr. Rechner

“There was nothing that wasn’t highly professional. The office, waiting room, consult rooms were spotlessly clean. I am still planning to go ahead with my surgery soon but no one is pressuring me. It’s a huge deal to me and a big expense so I have to wait for the right time. As of right now I have no intention of going anywhere else for my surgery.”* -Eyelid Surgery Patient, 04/11/2019, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Leppink was very thorough in his delivery of basic anatomy and the toll pregnancy has on the abdominal cavity and the surgical and recovery process. He is a very warm, genuine human being that was sensitive to my insecurities and gave me (and my husband) his full attention and did not make me feel rushed. I was very pleased and look forward to my consultation from the moment I made my appointment. Kendra was very welcoming and informative during appointment scheduling and during the review of the planned procedure cost and financing options. Dr. Leppink’s office sent a follow up letter several days after my appointment thanking me for my consultation and offered to answer any questions that may arise as I consider my options. VERY IMPRESSED with this office from day 1 ....and I was EXTREMELY disgusted with another office I had called to schedule a consultation with. I made sure to share that information with Dr. Leppink’s staff as well. In my opinion, they have a top notch staff!”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, 04/11/2019, Dr. Leppink

“Everyone I encountered was incredibly kind and professional. Dr. Rechner was laid back, easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable and did a wonderful job of explaining and teaching. And Shannon is just the best period.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, 03/31/2019, Dr. Rechner

“They were a great surgical team, very attentive and caring. Great follow up care and I am very pleased with my results.”* -Neck Lift Patient, 04/05/2019, Dr. Brundage

“From the moment I found the courage to finally make the phone call to set up a consultation for Breast Augmentation (I was such a nervous nelly!), the entire team at the Centre for Plastic Surgery was nothing short of hospitable. Dr. Leppink went ABOVE AND BEYOND to ensure I was comfortable and confident with all my options. He put all my nerves at ease by allowing me to understand the procedure, the risks, and the whys, while never making me feel incompetent; like other Drs. have made me feel in the past. If you’re like me, and you’re reading billions of articles, surgeons reviews, digging into EVERY plastic surgeons website imaginable, I can confidently say that Dr. Leppink’s talent is second-to-none. Look no further. I could NOT BE HAPPIER with my results in both size and shape. He listened to all my questions and delivered EXACTLY what I wanted! His entire team is compassionate and empathetic, and going to this practice for this life-changing procedure was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Today was my last follow-up appt and I’m so sad to not see this team regularly! Thank you Dr. Leppink and Team for making this experience incredible!”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, 03/29/2019

“The team was professional but approachable. I left very well informed about the procedure and did not feel pressured at all to make a specific decision.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, 04/11/2019, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Brundage is very thorough. He inspires confidence & seems cautious. Very professional, yet personal office staff.”* -Scar Revision Patient, 03/29/2019, Dr. Brundage

“I interviewed three different surgeons before coming to Dr. Leppink. He was so thorough explaining every facet of the procedures I was interested in, it completely eradicated my fears and concerns. The level of expertise, his knowledge, and the advanced technology, made my decision very easy. Each person on his team is so gracious and professional. Kendra, Dawn and Lacey made me comfortable every step of the way.”* -Breast Lift Patient, 03/29/2019, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Rechner really listened to exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t love my results more! I had a really hard time making the decision to have a Tummy Tuck, but I am incredibly glad I did. It’s absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself. It’s such a small thing, but I love that my clothes fit right again. I feel so much more comfortable now.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, 03/25/2019, Dr. Rechner

“I was greeted promptly and pleasantly upon arrival. Dr. Brundage and staff explained everything very well, options for treatment were provided, as well as expectations/results. Dr. Brundage sat with me and talked to me like a person he had known forever. I felt very at ease with him. Follow up via mail, e-mail and phone has been excellent as I developed a few questions and planned my upcoming experience.”* -Brow Lift Patient, 03/29/2019, Dr. Brundage

“The care and attention I received was high class. The nurses and staff were kind and considerate and readily available to answer my questions and concerns. My doctor’s recommendation and plan and skills to deliver were at a mastery level. I am so happy with my results, so worth it. I didn’t realize what a negative impact the extra skin and separation of muscle was having on my self confidence. Now that it’s gonna, I’m totally different, better.”*- Tummy Tuck Patient, 02/28/2019, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Rechner is just so awesome, down to earth and he listened very well and understood me. The 3D Crisalix imaging was modern and I was specifically looking for centers that had this feature/option. CPE all together has their stuff together as a facility, they know what they their doing and I liked that had a knowledge expert person for each area of all the processes.”*- Breast Augmentation Patient, 03/08/2019, Dr. Rechner

“Every employee that I interacted with went above and beyond to meet my expectations. I felt comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. The entire staff eased my nerves about the surgery. Dr. Brundage gave me the result that I was looking for and I could not be more thankful! The quality of care was outstanding. The nurse that prepped me for surgery was extremely nice and comforting. Dr. Brundage went above and beyond my expectations. The follow up phone call from Dr. Brundage that same evening as my morning surgery was very impressive and showed how much he truly cares about his patients.” -Ear Surgery Patient, 02/11/2019, Dr. Brundage

“Everyone in the practice including the surgeon went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable with every aspect of the procedure. I felt like family!” -Breast Augmentation Patient, 02/06/2019, Dr. Leppink

“The atmosphere and people in the office are just so believable and warm. The office space itself is beautiful and very clean while still feeling welcoming. The surgeon took an incredible amount of time with me during my consultation. I felt immediately that he took my visit very seriously. He spent time listening, explaining options, reviewing before/after photos and then specifically showing in a mirror what could or could not be achieved with results given my body type. His time and the obvious passion and expertise exhibited made the decision very easy to pick him to perform my surgery.”- Tummy Tuck Patient, 02/06/2019, Dr. Rechner

“I was extremely anxious about having surgery and having a man actually be the surgeon! Dr. Leppink was amazing! He made me feel at ease during the entire process! He was so approachable and available for questions!!! He even called me the morning after my surgery to check on me!! That showed me how caring/compassionate he is as a physician! I have recommended him to my friends/family because of how great he made this experience for me! I love my new look!! Thank you!”-Breast Reduction Patient, 01/18/2019, Dr. Leppink

“Very professional and everyone was very educated about everything they explained and the questions I asked - it was very clean and everything went as they planned-very satisfied! Very sterile and was made to feel as if they treated you as their family - very satisfied.” -Breast Augmentation Patient, 02/07/2019, Dr. Brundage

“I’ve always talked about this procedure but having children, I felt selfish going for it. We (my husband and I) finally found a way to pay for the surgery and decided to go for it. Dr. Rechner and his amazing staff made me feel so confident about my decision and gave me peace of mind which I desperately needed. I can honestly say I am truly grateful and would trust them with any future procedure. I have a few friends considering surgery and I plan to direct them here. Thank you all so so much! You have no idea what you’ve done for my self esteem.” -Breast Augmentation Patient, 02/07/2019, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink is one of the most respectful and caring surgeons I’ve met. He genuinely cares about you and your health before during and after your procedure. I have been a patient since 1995.” Breast Reduction Patient, 01/18/2019, Dr. Leppink

“Everything went along quickly once there for the surgery - wasn’t a lot of sitting around and waiting.” Liposuction Patient, 01/20/2019, Dr. Brundage

“Great surgeon, great staff and an amazing surgical outcome! I have absolutely nothing bad to say. My experiences with Dr. Rechner and his team have been some of the best I’ve ever had within the medical field. I am 100 times more confident.”-Breast Implant Revision Patient, 01/09/2019, Dr. Rechner

“The surgeon has the best bedside manner. He is so kind and takes his time to make you feel comfortable. I was able to park outside the door at the office not at some big hospital. The staff was great.” Breast Reduction Patient, 01/04/2019, Dr. Leppink

“I have had 4 procedures done by Dr. Brundage. The experience was well planned with Dr. and staff, I was thoroughly briefed on what to expect, and the facilities are top notch. All procedures turned out well, even though many years have passed since initial one.”- Rhinoplasty Patient, 01/18/2019, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Rechner and the entire staff at Center for Plastic Surgery are outstanding. The nurses in the preoperative area helped so much to alleviate my anxiety and my post op nurse was spectacular. The results of my surgery are everything I had hoped and more. I could not be more pleased. I feel more confident and more youthful.”-Face Lift Patient, 01/09/2019, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink and the staff at the Centre for Plastic Surgery are always professional and personable. They care about the kind of job they do and service they provide, and it shows.” Scar Revision Patient, 12/20/2018, Dr. Leppink

“I was highly satisfied with Dr. Brundage and the staff at the Centre for Plastic Surgery. I scheduled a consultation here to mainly get some ideas on what I wanted and some feedback from an experienced surgeon and staff. I saw that Dr. Brundage had many years of experience and good reviews. I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to go through with it. After leaving my consultation, I was very pleased with his staff who walked me through everything and what to expect. They showed me pictures and let me try on and feel both types of implants. After deciding to go through with it, I was really nervous about the surgery - I had never had a surgery before. The nurse (Kathleen) was so great! She made sure I was as comfortable as possible. I didn’t feel rushed on the day of surgery or making decisions. The best thing about this procedure is the outcome of course, and the best thing about the experience was the surgeon and staff and how calm and accommodating everyone was!” -Breast Augmentation Patient, 02/06/18, Dr. Brundage

I had a consultation with Diane first, and I felt like she was amazingly knowledgeable and thorough in explaining everything. She made me feel unbelievably comfortable and I trusted her completely. She is absolutely wonderful! I met with Jacki next and she took any fear or nervousness I had away, and I was so happy with the results of my lips! I also had dysport to get rid of those terrible 11’s between the eyes and the results are still amazing. I just have to add in that Diane went above and beyond by coming into the room and holding my hand during the whole thing! I don’t think she realized how much something little like that mattered, but it definitely stuck out for me! Overall, they both made something that I was initially nervous about a great experience!* - Injectable Filler Patient 01/10/2019

“My neck no longer looks like it belongs on a turkey!! He had done laser surgery for me several years ago and I was pleased with that outcome so when I wanted this done I returned to see him. Only problem I have encountered is my skin is peeling around my hair line. When I called about it they immediately gave me samples of things to try to stop it. They have been very effective.” -Face Lift Patient, 12/14/2018, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Leppink is the most compassionate man. He made me feel important and comfortable. He gave an honest opinion of what would be best for me.”-Face Lift Patient, 12/14/2018, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Rechner and the staff were so kind, welcoming, and helpful during my consultation! I had a lot of questions regarding my options as well as surgery. The information was very helpful and thorough. I scheduled my surgery within the same week, I had many scheduling needs due to my work schedule and the staff was so helpful and patient with me. Then for my pre-op appointment the information I received put me at ease and answered all my questions at the time. The staff has since sent me reminder emails, and I’ve been able to email additional questions that came up as well. Emails have been answered within the day, or the following business day. I have been so impressed with every aspect of my time here, and with the interactions I’ve had, I fully trust the staff for my breast lift/augmentation surgery next week.” -Breast Lift & Augmentation Patient, 12/14/2018, Dr. Rechner

“Results were beautiful. Everything was great!” -Breast Augmentation Patient, 11/22/2018, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Leppink is an excellent doctor and is very considerate of you and your body. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I couldn’t have gotten a better doctor. He has done an awesome job! I’m so pleased with my results.” -Tummy Tuck Patient, 12/05/2018, Dr. Leppink

“I have been a patient of CPS for about 20 years.There is always courtesy, friendliness, caring and confidentiality. I will continue with CPS for both skin care and surgery.” -Long Term Patient, 12/14/2018, Dr. Rechner

“Wonderful doctor, nurses and staff. Just a great experience with a great outcome. I look like I used to!” -Eyelid Surgery Patient, 11/15/18, Dr. Brundage

“Best thing I have done!! I am more active now and have more confidence in my appearance. Dr. Leppink made me feel very safe and always had my well-being in mind. He made the experience very comfortable for me and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for any type of procedure.” -Breast Reduction Patient, 11/08/2018, Dr. Leppink

“I have had two surgeries this year - a tummy tuck & a breast reduction- I LOVE the results of both. As most have said regarding the breast reduction “I wish I would have done it sooner” is an incredibly true statement. I am older and was never able to wear the cute strapless, spaghetti string kind of tops even with a strapless bra and now I could (without the bra)! I am over-the-moon thrilled with my outcomes. I have already recommended many women to CPS over the years for their beauty treatments & surgeries. Thank you everyone for making these life-altering experiences even better. The staff made the pre-/post-surgery experiences all that much easier.” Breast Reduction Patient, 12/14/18, Dr. Rechner

“The staff was very helpful and friendly. The surgeon was very professional. The office is beautiful and welcoming. I am still healing and have yet to see full results but thus far I have so much more confidence with my figure in clothing. I feel more proportionate!” -Breast Augmentation Patient, 11/07/18, Dr. Brundage

“The staff was always warm, professional, and helpful. Dr. Leppink was kind, professional, highly capable. I felt like I could trust him. I really appreciated how committed he was to ensuring a successful procedure and desired outcomes. Although my body is still recovering, I am very happy with the outcome. I like the way my clothes fit and the overall shape that was achieved.” -Tummy Tuck Patient, 10/24/2018, Dr. Leppink

“The doctor was very knowledgeable and efficient in explaining what would work for my situation. It was very easy to make the decision to move forward and schedule the procedure.” Rhinoplasty Patient, 10/23/2018, Dr. Rechner

“This Dr. had performed other procedures on me with wonderful results, so I did not consider any other surgeon.” -Rhinoplasty Patient, 10/23/18, Dr. Brundage

“The outcome has really changed my life! Best experience ever! Dr. Leppink is one of the most considerate, kindest, down to earth and even humorous doctors you will ever meet. He will talk thoroughly with you about all of your questions/concerns like you are the most important appointment he has all day. He has a calming presence and his bed side manner is so comforting. I had thought about the possibility of doing this procedure for 3 years before actually going through with it, did lots of research, made lots of phone calls, etc. Let me save you some time and tell you that Dr. Leppink and Grand Rapids Centre for Plastic Surgery is the way to go! I’m so thankful he was recommended to me by a trusted individual as I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome. It has changed my world! If you visit GR-CPS you will also find that every single staff member you come in contact with (from checking in at the front desk to speaking with the doctor) is dedicated to making sure you receive top level care. GR-CPS is also very respectful of your time. At every appointment, I barely had to wait at all to get in to see Dr. Leppink, whether I was 25 minutes early or 5 minutes early I was always called right back. The Patient Care Coordinator, Kendra, was my lifeline between the time of my initial consult and the surgery itself. Anytime I had a question or needed anything she was always available and if she wasn’t available at that moment she was very efficient at returning my call or email! On the day of surgery, I was nervous of course. The nurses were awesome, Dr. Leppink was awesome, again he had a very reassuring and calming presence, and the anesthesiologist was awesome. I woke up feeling just fine, no nausea and pretty alert for just having surgery. If you are like me, you will find that through the course of the process (consult, pre-operation appointment, operation, post-operation appointments, and lots of phone calls in between) that you went from being a patient at Centre for Plastic Surgery to being a friend! Thanks so much to Dr. Leppink and all the wonderful support staff at the Centre for Plastic Surgery, for the highest quality of care that was given to me. I couldn’t be happier with my results!!” -Breast Augmentation Patient, 10/24/2018, Dr. Leppink

“The staff really cares about their patients and treats them with respect. They make them feel special. All of the staff did an outstanding job. They made me feel very comfortable and answered all the questions I had. They went above and beyond when it came to dealing with special requirements for my pain management.”-Breast Augmentation Patient, 10/16/2018, Dr. Rechner

“Dr Brundage and the entire staff made me feel comfortable, informed and important throughout the entire process. They listened to my concerns and desires for the outcome of the procedure. I couldn’t be happier. The results surpassed my dreams! The little things were so important like having my prescriptions prior to surgery, how thorough they were with explaining my after care, my son that brought me for surgery. It was a last minute change that he stepped in to help bring me home and care for me. He was so nervous and they were amazing with him. I will return to make some more dreams come true with complete confidence that it will be a fantastic experience. I highly recommend Dr. Brundage and his team. I now have the self confidence that I had in my twenties. I can wear a bathing suit with confidence and feel great in my own skin. I only wish I had done this sooner.” -Breast Augmentation Patient, 08/24/18, Dr. Brundage

“When I look in the mirror, my eyes don’t look as tired. My husband says my eyes look brighter, more open. I had a little anxiety initially, but everyone was great and made me feel relaxed. They were highly encouraging. I’m really happy with the results—THANK YOU!!” –Eyebrow Lift Patient, 10/03/2018, Dr. Leppink

“Everyone was friendly, kind and helpful.” -Breast Reduction Patient, 09/19/2018, Dr. Rechner

“Everyone made me feel comfortable and all my fears were diminished. It could not have turned out better. I look and feel younger and look less tired.” -Eyelid Surgery Patient, 08/23/18, Dr. Brundage

“As a registered nurse I have had experiences both personally and professionally over various specialties. I have never felt more comfortable in what I thought would be an uncomfortable situation. Everyone was kind, compassionate, welcoming and understanding. The doctor took his time, never once made me feel rushed. In fact I left there feeling well informed and an active part of this process. I was quite impressed by the entire staff, but none more than Dr. Leppink himself. You should feel extremely proud of your organization. I was tremendously impressed.” -Tummy Tuck Patient, 09/26/2018, Dr. Leppink

“The kindness and caring of all I have been in contact with has been great. I have not had my procedure as of yet. My pre-op is coming and I look forward to getting answers to more questions and confirm my procedure. So far this office has been a wonderful experience. I have not been embarrassed and have kept at ease. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!”-Tummy Tuck Patient, 09/18/2018, Dr. Rechner

“Everyone is very polite & takes their time to really help the patient figure out what’s right for them!” -Laser Patient, 08/22/18, Dr. Brundage

“The results were exactly as I had hoped for. Dr. Leppink is amazing. He is very thorough and has an excellent bed-side manner. He made sure I had all of my questions answered, and made me feel comfortable before and after my procedure. His staff is very caring, and they take the time to listen to your concerns and will give you good advice if any issues arise.”-Breast Augmentation Patient, 09/19/2018, Dr. Leppink

“I was amazed with the communication with this office. If I had any questions or concerns someone was quick to return calls or answer them right away. The Dr. is very detailed in work and wants to make sure you and he are satisfied with outcome. You’re not just a number here you’re a person” -Tummy Tuck Patient, 08/23/18, Dr. Rechner

“It was nice that the Doctor called me after I was home from my procedure to check on me. The office staff is very friendly. I researched the Doctors credentials years ago and was impressed (Dr. Brundage 😊 ). I’m a return patient. The office is very clean and modern. The price was fair. After my surgery, I loved the coke and saltine crackers you provided. Thank you for the gift cards to use at the office for a return visit. I will return in the future. Thank you!”- Breast Implant Removal Patient, Dr. Brundage

“The staff is amazing. They are helpful, caring and knowledgeable. The doctor is so caring and wants to make sure you are comfortable and look your best. The confidence I have afterwards.”*- Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Rechner is very professional and at the same time, highly skilled, compassionate and kind. The entire staff follows this same protocol. I was very satisfied and will continue to return for all my cosmetic and skin care needs. I have recommended this practice to anyone who asks. I feel better about myself.”* - Breast Implant Revision Patient, Dr. Rechner

“The atmosphere was positive and I love my results. I would do it all over again tomorrow if need be. I knew what was to expect and I didn’t have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of my rhinoplasty or about my recovery. I feel so much more confident as I no longer even think about the dorsal hump I had prior to my rhinoplasty. It has become a non- issue that I am no longer preoccupied with when I do my makeup, style my hair, or am out with friends.”*- Rhinoplasty Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Amazing experience! I was nervous but that was overcome the day of my surgery as I was treated with the best care possible.”*- Liposuction Patient, Dr. Brundage

“I love the staff! They provide a friendly, clean, safe environment. They showed they care for you and you can talk to them about anything.”*- Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Highly Satisfied!! I thought the Dr/patient teaching before and after was outstanding! I have a medical background but was really informed in a personalway not just text book, which made a huge difference in feeling prepared for what was to come. I was made very comfortable, all my questions were answered, and they also helped my spouse get fully ready to take post-operative care of me. I would highly recommend the Doctor, nurses, and all involved in my surgical experience!”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

“I feel much more like I’m back to my old self before kids! I am more confident and stronger! Dr. Rechner has been so amazing! I visited another office before his and it was like night and day. Dr. Rechner didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear but he offered the truth and was very realistic. He made me feel very peaceful at the same time giving me a good dose of reality! The recovery was tougher then I was expecting, but the office was always willing to answer questions and help. My post-operative visits went very well. The people there are very kind and work hard to give you a comfortable experience. The whole office has been over the top in customer service, from the front desk to the nurses. I have called several times with questions and concerns and everyone is so quick to help. Plastic Surgery at times can be given a bad rap. Dr. Rechner and his office are doing well to change that!!”* - Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

“My body was completely transformed. I had a lot of extra skin from weight loss and the surgery really changed how I looked. I don’t have to hide under clothes anymore!”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

​“I felt valued from the moment I walked through the door. Everyone I met had such a warm smile. I think that speaks volumes about a business. The Dr. made me feel at ease about my decisions. He was extremely knowledgeable and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. He didn’t make me feel rushed at all. I would definitely recommend the Centre for Plastic Surgery!”*- Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Brundage

​“This was the first time I had ever set foot into a plastic surgery office, and I was treated with respect and reassurance through the entire process. I was made to feel very comfortable during my consultation and the staff was very friendly with me. I received all of the information I was looking to receive and more. The surgeon and his peers were very informative and explained things to the best of their ability. The environment was clean and relaxing, and I am very excited now that I have been to the establishment to get this procedure done! I have already booked my appointment!”*- Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Brundage

​“Nice people, discreet. I liked/felt comfortable with the surgeon.”*- Eyelid Lift Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Leppink was very patient with me and made sure that I fully understood this procedure. He kept eye contact to ensure that I was not shying from asking questions. He provided ample sample visual images and communicated well. I immediately felt connected and trusted that I would be in good care.”*-Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Staff and doctor were excellent. I have no complaints at all. Made me feel like family!”*-Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I have been to Dr Rechner many times before. He is intelligent, sensitive, empathetic, understanding, patient, friendly. He takes the time to listen and digest info and give advice and recommendations. His work is very good.”*-Fat Transfer Patient, Dr. Rechner

“This is my third procedure with Dr. Brundage and his staff. The staff is always professional and friendly. I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. I would recommend Dr. Brundage for any procedures! Thank You!!”*-Liposuction Patient, Dr. Brundage

​“Dr Leppink is very honest and caring and not about getting another surgery scheduled. He is all about you and what it is you need to feel better about yourself and what he can do for you “*- Eyelid Lift Patient, Dr. Leppink

​“This was not my first surgical procedure at CPS. I have always been treated like I am the most important patient by the staff, from the receptionist, to nurses, to Dr. Rechner. I would not even consider going anywhere else but CPS for all my Plastic surgical and skin care needs. I have recommended this practice to others, and will continue.”* Breast Implant Revision Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I felt safe in the environment. Having Dr. Brundage be a large part of the consultation and take so much time explaining the procedure that I asked about and then explaining how he would accomplish my goals and not rushing on to his next appointment was very helpful. Having an elective cosmetic surgery is a very big step for me and I need to establish a professional, but warm rapport with the person who will be taking care of me. I felt that Dr. Brundage took the time to do that and I was left feeling that I am in good hands. I am probably a very typical patient that your office sees many times a day; but Dr. Brundage and his staff made me feel like an individual. I appreciate that.”* -Eyelid Lift Patient, Dr. Brundage

“From my initial consultation, I felt as though the physician was there to provide information, discuss what I the patient wanted and to answer any and all questions. I had a previous consult with a different facility and it was the complete opposite. I felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Leppink, he is absolutely wonderful. Every step was explained thoroughly, you knew what to expect and be prepare for during your next visit. The staff are kind and friendly. The day of surgery it’s normal to be nervous, the staff could sense that. They went above and beyond to comfort me. I was extremely satisfied with Dr. Leppink and his bedside manner as well as the facility and staff! *-Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

​“All of my questions were answered. Everyone was very nice. “*-Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

“The beautiful outcome. The entire staff was extremely professional and the doctor took the time to explain everything to me and listen to me. He answered all of my questions.” Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Brundage

“I thought the time that was spent with me was what I needed. All my questions were answered. Dr. Brundage even called me back later that week to give me more information regarding the procedure.”*- Tummy Tuck & Breast Reconstruction Patient, Dr. Brundage

“The knowledge, patience, kindness was overwhelming. As a C.P.T. I deal with many professionals regarding clients, as well as referring clients to meet medical needs. I would refer any of my clientele to Dr. Leppink and his staff. I can not say enough about how kind and concerned the staff was in regard to my wellness, but also to the comfort and needs of my 82yr old mom who was my post-op care giver. I wish your office was closer!! I have already contacted office to schedule another minor procedure. Dr. Leppink is not only a remarkable surgeon, but his bedside manner is sincere! Dr. Leppink has the ability to relieve some of the pre-op surgical stress with his knowledge and sincerity for your well being.” * Breast Revision Patient, Dr. Leppink

“From the moment I called to schedule a consult, I felt very “at home” and comfortable. Every staff member I encountered made me feel special and was extremely attentive. They never made me feel dumb for asking questions and went out of their way to make sure I completely understood all of the information given to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better consult experience.”- Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“The office provided me with an exceptional consultation. Everyone was extremely friendly and accommodating. The office is beautiful and the surgeon was very kind, thoughtful and extremely thorough. I did not leave with any questions. I feel very confident that I will be scheduling one or more procedures with this surgeon other the next few years. I would highly recommend this office to others.” * - Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

“The receptionist is wonderful and a great ego booster. She always finds something to compliment you on and makes you feel very welcome. The patient coordinator took her time to explain the entire process so anyone could understand. I cannot say enough about the surgical nurse and staff and how great they were. Then there is Dr. Rechner. Only one word for him, which is awesome. I had an augmentation and eyelid lift. Both have made me feel pretty, younger and more confident.” *- Eyelid Surgery Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I had spoken with Dr. Rechner approximately 10 years ago, but life happened and I was unable to go forward with the surgery. I instinctively knew then that he would be the Dr. to perform any cosmetic surgeries I might have. Fast forward 10 years…and living in a Northern town about 2 1/2 hours away. I met with a surgeon where I currently live - and although I’m sure he would do a good job, it would be in my home town, appointments would be much, much closer…I wanted a great job! I knew from my prior experience - Dr. Rechner would be doing my surgery. The staff at Centre for Plastic Surgery is top notch and professional and have made me very comfortable in an otherwise esteem-deflating situation. My first surgery is scheduled for next week and I have not had one anxious moment. I’m sure if I was anxious at all, I could place a phone call and be put at ease. I am SO looking forward to my surgeries (yes multiples) and the results, I can hardly wait.”*- Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

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