Centre for Plastic Surgery Reviews

“Dr. Rechner is, by far, the best plastic surgeon in the area. I, unfortunately, was treated by a different area plastic surgeon. He botched my surgery and instead of being proud of the work and my body (and several thousands of dollars), I was ashamed and made sure I covered everything every time I left the house. I was hesitant to consult with Dr. Rechner - fearing he would be judgmental or irritated I went elsewhere. It was the exact opposite. He never spoke a negative word about any other physician but listened and understood my concerns and feelings. He was honest and transparent about what the reality of my situation is and what is and isn't possible. He didn't promise perfection because there are some areas that are beyond repair. I am confident in Dr. Rechner's opinion and suggestions for my situation. He is so kind, patient and thorough. Without any doubt, the overall best physician in the area.”* -Arm Lift Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Plastic surgery is a big decision, and you want to feel like you have your family &friends beside you.   Well, I don't have any family in West Michigan, but I felt like I had so many people for me if I ever needed anything.  I didn't feel like I was doing this alone.   The staff and Dr. Leppink always made me feel comfortable and supported.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Scott Brundage was top notch from start to finish. His approach is very thorough, and he was helpful in assisting me with some following up procedures as I began to heal. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends who are considering having any work done.”* -Facelift Patient, Dr. Brundage

“The staff was upbeat - supportive - answered all my questions. I loved that I was NOT rushed out of there. Explained everything in SO much detail.”* -Mommy Makeover Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink and his staff create a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. He was extremely informative and answered all my questions/concerns. The office and surgery center is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and feels private. My results are amazing, and I would recommend Dr. Leppink to any friend or family member.”* -Mommy Makeover Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Shannon met with me and spelled out what the next steps were prior to surgery.  She was very helpful as I navigated my decision to go forward with surgery.  I called her several times until I finally felt comfortable.”* -Eyelid Lift & Facelift Patient, Dr. Brundage

[The best part of my experience was]… Professional but friendly caring attitudes and atmosphere.”* -Eyelid Lift Patient, Dr. Rechner

[The best part of my experience was]… Dr Leppink. Not only is he highly talented in his work he is extremely caring! Overall, it was an amazing experience that has changed my life for the good! I have confidence that I haven’t had since I was a teenager. I’m so happy with my body! Best decision ever coming here!”* -Breast Reduction Patient, Dr. Leppink

“The Doctor spent a good amount of time looking at me and discussing my needs and wishes. I particularly liked that his interactions were professional, and he did not behave like a salesman. I had gone to other consultations with surgeons who took less time with my concerns and seemed to want to sell me.”* Facelift Patient, Dr. Brundage

“[The best part of my experience was]… Everything. There isn’t one set appt that was above the rest because that is just how important I felt through every step that was made. I had an incredible experience!”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I am beyond thrilled with all my interactions with your staff and the overall experience! I have referred many friends to Dr. Leppink as I trust him completely. His work has far exceeded my hopes. My pre-op appointment went amazing. She was so professional, calming and kind. She put me at ease and made me feel excited and confident about my upcoming surgery. She was truly a great person to have for my last appointment before surgery! I am very thankful for this center and all the staff I have interacted with! I will continue to refer friends and family to Dr. Leppink and your center.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“I loved seeing other people with photos of the same procedure. I had all my questions answered.  The technology made it helpful.  Everyone was very comfortable to talk with. We are visiting to usually change things that we are insecure about.  The thought of fixing it is exciting and troubling.  It is troubling because there is an unknown on how things will end.  Morally I have an issue spending that much on myself, yet I feel I should have done it earlier.  I am thankful for the opportunity, and I plan on things going smoothly.  By the end of the consultation, I felt confident, relieved, and had a game plan to work towards my end goal.”* -Facial Surgery Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Everything was absolutely phenomenal! I couldn’t have had a better team by my side! I truly felt confident with my team!!!”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Rechner

“This office ran like a well-oiled machine. I would have to assume the employees are quite happy with their jobs.” -Facial Surgery Patient, Dr. Leppink

“The pain was very minimal and less than what was expected. I wish I would have done this earlier.”* -Plastic Surgery Patient, Dr. Brundage  

"[Single best thing is...] Friendly staff, makes you feel comfortable, good customer service."*- Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Rechner

"[Single best thing is...] The availability of my surgeon. Being able to ask my questions directly to Dr. Leppink was very important. He is knowledgeable, kind and always very concerned. I first saw Dr. Leppink 20 years ago. He was thee most qualified surgeon then and I believe he is the most qualified now. If you are questioning what plastic surgeon to pick for your procedure you won't have to think twice with Dr. Leppink. Amazing!!!"* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

"[Single best thing is...] A natural outcome. Dr. Brundage is very skilled."* -Facelift Patient, Dr. Brundage

​"[Single best thing is...] I was very well cared for and felt I was in very good hands."* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Due to a horrifying accident with a school bus, I have had many skin grafts and scar revision surgeries. Dr Rechner is so wonderful and by far my most favorite doctor. The process has taken many turns and after 5 years has improved tremendously. Each step was well worth it! My experience with CFPS is very positive and I would recommend it to any seeking treatment.”* -Scar Revision Patient, Dr. Rechner

​“Every phase of my experience was awesome. I always felt comfortable never scared. Everything was explained to me and I was always given an opportunity to ask questions.”* -Mommy Makeover Patient, Dr. Leppink

"I was thrilled by how smoothly everything was scheduled and coordinated, and how helpful and kind the entire staff was to be sure I had no unanswered questions!"* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Brundage

"I was impressed with the professionalism of each member at the center. I was very happy to have the doctor meet with me at each step of the process, rather than leaving some of the appointments to a colleague."* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Rechner

” I cannot express enough how friendly and caring the entire staff is! I wish I was better with words because I don’t feel that I can truly express my satisfaction with my choice to use CPS. Every single person from the receptionist through to my post surgery caretaker were absolutely amazing. I have never felt so comfortable and genuinely concerned about with staff before, during, and after the surgical process. It was even mentioned at a post surgery appointment a staff member caring for me during surgery asked how I was doing/recovering. Each appointment I never felt as if I was bothering anyone with my questions. Everyone truly listens to you, and makes sure you understand and are comfortable with the answers. Even months post surgery anyone I speak with still makes me feel just as important as the day I walked in for my initial consultation.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Brundage gets straight to the point in layman’s terms. Dr. Brundage makes sure that you understand everything that goes into the procedure and expectations. He is a very gentle and loving soul.”* -Surgical Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Leppink is extremely professional, kind and very informative. He makes you feel very safe and lets you know exactly what to expect, what he will be doing and really prepares you for all aspects of your surgery. The facility is great as well.”* -Eyelid Lift Patient, Dr. Leppink

“The staff is so friendly. Doctor Rechner was so kind. He took so much time to go above and beyond to best service me!”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Brundage is dedicated to detail and educates his patients throughout the journey of surgery and recovery. The office staff and nursing staff are very caring, attentive and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with results.”* -Facelift Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Leppink explained the procedure in detail, and emphasized that it is not a procedure that should be entered into lightly. I appreciate his honestly.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Rechner is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. The staff was kind and respectful of confidentiality. I'm excited that I will be having my procedure done here - I'm very confident in Dr. Rechner and the staff!* -Breast Lift Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I was very pleased with the kind and reassuring staff listen to my concerns. All questions were answers very thoroughly while not feeling rushed. And the communication was spot on via phone calls!”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Brundage

“My arms look great with all the flab removed! I feel better about myself as a woman and my arms now look sexy and younger.”* -Arm Lift Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I have the most skilled surgeon. Dr. Rechner and staff provided the most caring and reassuring treatment before, during and after the procedure. Corrected the capsular contracture and provided symmetry to my breasts.”* -Breast Implant Revision Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink was amazing! He made me feel comfortable and never rushed. All of my questions were answered and him and the staff made me feel important and welcome each time I came through the door. My results were exactly what I asked for. I will always consider Dr. Leppink my main choice for any procedure in the future. The best thing about Dr. Leppink is that he makes you feel so comfortable and important.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

 “The staff was very friendly and the surgeon was informative. He was more than willing to answer any questions that I had. He was also very soothing when he saw me crying before surgery to do nerves. I am very thankful for Dr. Brundage. Dr. Brundage has a fun personality and makes you feel like you are in good hands!”* -Rhinoplasty Patient, Dr. Brundage

 “Dr. Rechner is very thorough and covered all bases with me. I liked that I met with him and he talked to me himself about the entire process, when some places have nurses do most of the consultative work and the doctor interaction is minimal.”* -Rhinoplasty Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink was very forthcoming of information, went above and beyond explaining everything. Staff at FD was very friendly. Shannon Meyers was very informative and kind. Mari Beth made us feel like family answered all our questions and left us with the feeling of comfort as we left the office.”* -Breast Lift Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Brundage is a very confident doctor and I immediately felt like I was in good, honest hands during my breast enhancement surgery. The staff is warm and welcoming, and my surgical experience was top notch. Even during COVID and not being able to have my husband with me, I felt calm, confident and excited going into surgery!”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Brundage

 “I had had a previous procedure performed by Dr. Rechner and he had my trust when it came time for my most recent one. He is thorough, professional, kind and skilled at what he does. I have given his name to several others and am very happy with my results.”* -Rhinoplasty Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Everyone at CPS (Centre for Plastic Surgery) is great, kind, warm, and listens well. They are very positive people, make you feel safe and that you are in great hands. This is the second time I've come to CPS to have work done.”* -Breast Implant Revision Patient, Dr. Leppink

“He explained everything clearly so that I could understand. He was confident. The most surprisingly, he was understanding about my situation and why I was doing this.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Brundage

Dr. Rechner was very thorough and was very clear in his explanation of the procedure. He impressed me with his knowledge and bedside manner. I felt very confident in having him perform my surgery and having a good outcome.”* -Breast Reduction Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink always takes the time to listen and explain things thoroughly. He makes you feel like you are his only patient and never rushes you. He also makes sure that all of your questions are addressed.”* -Eyelid Lift Patient, Dr. Leppink

 “Dr. Brundage was very thorough in explaining.The nurses were great. [Single best thing is... how I] Feel about myself.”* -Liposuction Patient, Dr. Brundage

Dr. Rechner was very patient and took his time explaining the entire procedure to me. He seems like a genuinely friendly person who enjoys helping people feel better while ultimately looking better. He also, made me feel very comfortable throughout the examination.*-Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink is an incredible surgeon! He came highly recommended to me by...my hairstylist who after eight years or better is still completely satisfied with Dr. Leppink’s work. The office staff was very thorough and pleasant; Dr. Leppink provided a plethora of information and made sure to answer all of my questions. He has a very sweet demeanor and I appreciated the time he took to explain everything.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“I was very impressed with precautions taken upon arrival. Staff is extremely friendly and thorough. Dr. Brundage was very clear and informative on procedure and expectations.”* -Breast Implant Revision Patient, Dr. Brundage

“I immediately felt comfortable when I walked in for my consultation. Dr. Leppink and his staff are friendly, patient, and never have I felt rushed during any of my appointments. I highly recommend Centre for Plastic Surgery! ☺”* -Eyelid Lift Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rechner and his staff; very knowledgeable, kind, and professional. Didn’t feel pressured to go a certain route, just supported and heard. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a great experience. [Single best thing is…] The results I got were amazing and exactly what I wanted.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink was amazing from the moment I had my first consult. He spent over an hour with me and made me feel very comfortable. The entire staff was friendly and made me feel at ease on my surgery day. [Single best thing is…] How easy it was! I was nervous before but Dr. Leppink made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. My whole recovery was very easy.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“The level of professionalism and knowledge made me feel very comfortable and trusting in the staff and my doctor.”* -Liposuction Patient, Dr. Brundage

“My revision has made my breast look the most normal it has ever looked after having a total mastectomy 30 years ago.”* -Breast Implant Revision Patient, Dr. Rechner

“The surgery achieved my desired results. Dr. Leppink and his staff were fantastic through my entire experience; warm, professional, knowledgeable. I especially appreciated Dr. Leppink’s commitment to ensuring positive results with the additional scar revisions long after the initial surgery. The overall service provided, from the initial call, through the surgery, to the final appointment, I felt respected and cared for.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Very impressed with precautions taken upon arrival. Staff is extremely friendly and thorough. Dr Brundage was very clear and informative on procedure and expectations.”* -Breast Implant Revision Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Rechner was very professional and gave me great answers to any questions I had. The staff was very helpful the day of my surgery and made sure I was comfortable. I am very happy with my outcome!”* -Breast Reduction Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I was comfortable from the fist second I walked through the doors. I was given answers to all of my questions and concerns. The quality of time and attention given to me and never feeling rushed out of my appointments is remarkable.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Patient care was great. Explanation of surgery procedure was accurate. After care was compassionate.”* -Breast Implant Removal Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Great team - office staff, clinical staff, and surgeons are all exceptional. They all really seem to care about me. Amazing! Thank you! Dr. Rechner was exceptional in every way - kind, calm, knowledgeable, professional, honest, talented surgeon. My results are amazing! What sets him apart from others is not only his surgical skills but also his level of communication and engagement with his patients. He takes the time to make sure you have all your questions answered. He seems genuinely invested in my understanding of the procedure, the risks, the options. I totally trust him. He truly partners with his patients for the absolute best outcome.”* Plastic Surgery Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink is truly an amazing doctor. I would recommend him to anyone. I was in a very serious car accident. Dr. Leppink was recommended to me. Dr. Leppink cares about his patients and is very thorough with health history and making sure that his patients understand their procedure before their surgery. He also keeps up with his patients to make sure they are comfortable with their recovery. Dr. Leppink took time out of his personal schedule to call later in the evening to see how I was doing after my surgery. I found that very kind.”*-Rhinoplasty Patient, Dr. Leppink

“All appointments were timely and efficient. The staff was friendly. The doctors seemed knowledgeable.”* -Eyelid Surgery Patient, Dr. Brundage

“After being healed totally I’m so extremely happy with my results. Due to a Biopsy, one of my breast was left pretty untidy. With no request, just a discussion for future repair…Dr. Brundage went above and beyond, and fixed that area, at the same time. When I woke up, I was so grateful!! Perfect!!”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Brundage

“I was treated with great care and sensitivity. The staff was very kind and helpful and provided all the information I needed. Dr. Leppink was great and made me feel very comfortable. He also provided me with information every step of the way. He has a very kind and caring demeanor. Surgery was a very good experience.”* -Breast Implant Revision Patient, Dr. Leppink

“First time in my life to have a six pack!”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Brundage and the entire staff were very helpful, supportive and professional. I knew exactly what to expect before, during and after the procedure. The results are AMAZING!!!!”* -Laser Resurfacing Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Leppink took plenty of time to help me understand what my breast configurations meant and that they were NOT cancerous. He was open with me and answered my questions..both at time of surgery and during my followup visit. I value the time he spent with me. I enjoyed his sense of humor and care in taking time to be with me both before and after the surgery.”* -Breast Implant Removal Patient, Dr. Leppink

“It’s not a comfortable situation to be nude with skin and fat out there, but the doctor is incredibly professional. I didn’t feel nearly as uncomfortable as I thought I would. I’ve already referred my family and friends who have cosmetic surgery in their 5 year plans. I can’t speak highly enough in how the doctor feels caring, warm, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. I chose Dr. Rechner because of his education in engineering and then medical. There’s no one else I would trust to take me apart and put me back together.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

“From the time I walked through the front door. Until after my appointment. Everyone made me feel very comfortable. I feel I will be taken care of well.”* -Laser Resurfacing Patient, Dr. Brundage

“I was incredibly impressed by my experience with Dr. Leppink and his staff. Every one was highly personable and I felt deeply cared for as an individual. As for Dr. Leppink himself, I cannot praise him enough. I was blown away by how well I was treated as well as how well my procedure turned out. Dr. Leppink is a clear master at his craft. Even more, he is phenomenal at patient care. I felt like he was highly invested in helping ease my fear, assisting and educating me throughout the entire process including healing after, and helping me adjust to changes. Not to mention I was thrilled with my results! I have gained a sense of confidence and appreciation for my body that I never thought was possible thanks to his skill. I have and will continue to highly recommend him to everyone I know in need of similar services. Honestly, he is the most caring, talented, and impressive doctor I have ever met. I could not be more grateful that I chose him. [Single best thing is…] The results are an obvious answer but I would argue that the best thing was how personally cared for and supported I felt throughout the process- which is scary and life-changing at times! - because of Dr. Leppink’s exceptional patient care.”* -Breast Lift Patient, Dr. Leppink

“I feel wonderful about my appearance and throughout the entire process the doctor was so caring and understanding of what I wanted. I loved my doctor! He made me feel comfortable and I could really tell he cared and wanted me to look and feel my best. He was calm, caring, honest and gentle.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Very caring, courteous, knowledgeable about what I was experiencing.”* -Breast Implant Removal Patient, Dr. Brundage

“My result is far better than I imagined it could be. I feel with the removal of excess skin and fat of my abdomen the appearance of my beasts is now enhanced. I’ve always been curvy, but after 2 pregnancies and 2 C-sections, things had “shifted” and became bumpy. I could not be happier with my result. My curves are back where they belong.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Rechner is skilled, meticulous, kind and caring. He is dedicated to the patients well being and comfort. Before, during and after procedure steps were explained thoroughly and plenty of time for his answers to my questions. I believe my recovery was shortened because I felt secure always, at the surgical center and at home, knowing I could reach him and his team 24/7. My results are amazingly beautiful.”* -Mommy Makeover Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Brunadage and staff were very professional. They answered all of my questions in a way I could understand. It really helped to look at the photos on the computer.”* -Brow Lift Patient,  Dr. Brundage

"Dr. Leppink is the most skilled, kind, sincere, caring, and compassionate surgeon that I know. He also has an exceptional professional bedside manner. You definitely feel well cared for and are not just a number."* -Tummy Tuck Revision Patient, 02/06/2020, Dr. Leppink

“[Single best thing is…] The entire staff. The surgical nurses were incredible, they helped me relax and reassured me I was in good hands. And Doctor R. He’s a master at his craft. I was scared I would look like I had had a Facelift. I didn’t. My closest friends thought I had lost weight or had finally gotten some good sleep. I look refreshed, I feel refreshed.”* -Facelift Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I feel that the procedure was exactly as described during my pre appointments. The level of care was amazing from all of the staff. The after care was just as amazing. I enjoyed how the staff and provider treated me as part of the family. It was nice to joke around and just feel relaxed.”* -Liposuction Patient,  Dr. Brundage

“I was treated with respect and everything was thoroughly explained to me. During my surgery and recovery I could not ask for better care. I was never in a lot pain just minor discomfort. I’m now thinking face lift . My breast lift is fabulous and mentally for me I feel so good about myself.”* -Breast Lift Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Doctor and nurses were very attentive, compassionate, kind and quick to return calls. [Single best thing is…] Did not need draining tubes and quick healing.”* -Breast Reduction Patient, Dr. Rechner

"The whole process went very smoothly. The staff from the start were very professional and considerate. [Single best thing is...] The extreme back pain relief. Shoulder relief. Seriously life changing."* -Breast Reduction Patient, 01/01/2020, Dr. Rechner

“The results are better than expected. Excellent job managing expectations. The surgical experience was as good as it could be and the team did a great job caring for me and my husband that day. Post op had a few minor bumps, all handled extremely well - timely, comprehensively and with expertise and care. The scar placement on my arms is great and other than just waiting for the healing process to be done. I’m super excited about the results! [Single best thing is…] The amount of nurturing, care and listening the team did that day. Genuinely dedicated to making the experience a positive one.”* -Arm Lift Patient, Dr. Leppink

“I talked with several people who were all very professional and caring. They got me in right away, and it was much less than I expected.”* -Rhinoplasty Patient,  Dr. Brundage

“Everyone that worked with me were very helpful and nice. I learned so much about myself that I didn’t even know. I am looking forward to having my surgery and having you guys do it! Thank you for being with me in this journey.”* -Rhinoplasty Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink has a wonderful bedside manner. He takes his time in explaining the details of the procedure and any considerations to the patient. Dr. Leppink is sincerely concerned that his patients have a complete understanding and are comfortable with their decision. I appreciate that my satisfaction and well being is a shared goal.”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Brundage and his team are highly skilled and compassionate. Your privacy matters to them . They walk you through each step of the process from what to expect with your results, how you will feel physically and emotionally. I never felt rushed - my questions were always answered to the fullest. I believe that Dr. Brundage wants you to be truly happy with your experience and outcome. I know I certainly am.”* Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Brundage

“It felt good to work with a Dr. who acknowledges this surgery is elective, therefore prioritizing the satisfaction of the results. The impression I got from the consultation was that the Dr. is incredibly knowledgeable. He managed to create a comfortable environment (not creepy) even though some nudity was necessary.”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I was highly satisfied with my experience because of the high degree of professional treatment. I received two calls after the surgery to check on my recovery. I was well informed of what I should do and expect prior and after the surgery.”* -CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Patient,  Dr. Brundage

"The Doctor and staff communicated thoroughly and completely prior to and the day of surgery so my expectations were clear. I was treated with discretion, dignity and respect. Follow up post surgery was VERY thorough and I couldn't be more satisfied both with the staff and center, as well as my results! They exceeded my expectations."* -Tummy Tuck Patient, 11/08/2019, Dr. Rechner

“The staff was amazing and very welcoming. Dr. Leppink was very knowledgeable and extremely professional. I had a great experience.” -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Dr. Brundage and the nurses were very professional yet caring & sensitive to my needs.”* -Breast Implant Removal Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Rechner is very professional and also very genuine and sincere. He performed surgery on me 7 years ago, and now I am going to have him give my daughter a breast reduction.”* -Breast Reduction Patient, Dr. Rechner

“The staff, and particularly Dr. Leppink, took as much time as was needed to explain my situation and what choices were available to me. I felt all the questions I had were thoroughly answered, and it was made clear that any further questions from me could be discussed in person. I am confident this is the right fit for me and plan to get on the schedule for early May.”* -Breast Implant Revision, Dr. Leppink

“My questions and concerns were answered. I left feeling I was making the right decision to have the surgery.”* -Eyelid Surgery Patient, Dr. Brundage

“All the staff from the front desk to Dr. Rechner himself were very kind and welcoming! Dr. Rechner was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions with confidence. I would recommend him over and over again!”* -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Very friendly staff. Answered all my questions I could ever have plus some that I would not have thought of.”* - Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

“Very professional, yet kind. They made me feel very good about myself. They were very confident, and many staff had procedures done as well.”* - Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Brundage

“Dr. Rechner has the best bedside manner…caring, professional, understanding and patient. A very talented surgeon who has done two procedures for me…and I’m delighted with the outcome(s).”* - Tummy Tuck Revision Patient, Dr. Rechner

“I had a great experience with Dr. Leppink and his staff, could not be happier. My surgery was life changing and so glad I chose this location since I live out of town. Dr. Leppink is extremely kind and caring, the facility & staff professional and friendly. I highly recommend their services!”* - Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

“I have always liked Dr. Brundage and he did good work in the past. He was very specific and succinct in what he would do and how it would be accomplished and I was very pleased with his proposal. I enjoyed the environment and everyone was very kind.”* - Arm Lift Patient, Dr. Brundage

“The staff and doctor were extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Rechner explained everything in great detail and made sure I understood everything that he was saying before moving on. They also gave me great resources to reflect on after my consultation. And they made sure to do a follow up call a week after my appointment which I thought was very generous.”* - Breast Lift Patient, Dr. Rechner

“Dr. Leppink was very professional; his staff is also very welcoming and treated me with so much kindness when I had to bring my kids in with me to follow up appointments. My tummy tuck results are beautiful and I am so glad I took the leap to do this surgery for myself.”* - Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

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