Randall J. Telman, MD, Founder Emeritus

Randall Telman, MD had the vision and wisdom to fashion Centre for Plastic Surgery into the top-notch plastic surgery practice that it is today.

Founder Emeritus, Dr. Telman was Board-Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and successfully practiced for many years in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His medical degree was earned at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine where he later became an Assistant Clinical Professor as a member of their teaching faculty.

Well-loved by his patients for his great skill and compassion and highly respected by his peers for his many contributions to the specialty of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Telman was the recipient of numerous honors and awards including being named to the list of the Best Doctors in America.

Dr. Telman was an avid golfer and aviator. He enjoyed his retirement in Florida with his wife until his death on January 9, 2020. His friendship and wisdom is missed by all who knew him.


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