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Look your best, feel your best—at Grand Rapids Centre for Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the Centre for Plastic Surgery (CPS), Grand Rapids’ premier plastic surgery centre. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or already a patient, you’ll feel at ease the moment you step into our lobby.

Our entire staff—from our friendly receptionist team to our attentive injection specialists, skin care professionals, aestheticians, and board-certified physicians—put our patients’ needs first every step of the way.

We know that every patient is unique, and so are your needs and desired look. No matter the procedure, we will walk you through each step ensuring you are comfortable from your first consultation to the brand-new you!


“Highly Satisfied!! I thought the Dr/patient teaching before and after was outstanding! I have a medical background but was really informed in a personalway not just text book, which made a huge difference in feeling prepared for what was to come. I was made very comfortable, all my questions were answered, and they also helped my spouse get fully ready to take post-operative care of me. I would highly recommend the Doctor, nurses, and all involved in my surgical experience!”* -Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Leppink

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