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Look your best, feel your best—at Grand Rapids Centre for Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the Centre for Plastic Surgery (CPS), Grand Rapids’ premier plastic surgery centre. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or already a patient, you’ll feel at ease the moment you step into our lobby.

Our entire staff—from our friendly receptionist team to our attentive injection specialists, skin care professionals, aestheticians, and board-certified physicians—put our patients’ needs first every step of the way.

We know that every patient is unique, and so are your needs and desired look. No matter the procedure, we will walk you through each step ensuring you are comfortable from your first consultation to the brand-new you!


“The outcome has really changed my life! Best experience ever! Dr. Leppink is one of the most considerate, kindest, down to earth and even humorous doctors you will ever meet. He will talk thoroughly with you about all of your questions/concerns like you are the most important appointment he has all day. He has a calming presence and his bed side manner is so comforting. I had thought about the possibility of doing this procedure for 3 years before actually going through with it, did lots of research, made lots of phone calls, etc. Let me save you some time and tell you that Dr. Leppink and Grand Rapids Centre for Plastic Surgery is the way to go! I’m so thankful he was recommended to me by a trusted individual as I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome. It has changed my world! If you visit GR-CPS you will also find that every single staff member you come in contact with (from checking in at the front desk to speaking with the doctor) is dedicated to making sure you receive top level care. GR-CPS is also very respectful of your time. At every appointment, I barely had to wait at all to get in to see Dr. Leppink, whether I was 25 minutes early or 5 minutes early I was always called right back. The Patient Care Coordinator, Kendra, was my lifeline between the time of my initial consult and the surgery itself. Anytime I had a question or needed anything she was always available and if she wasn’t available at that moment she was very efficient at returning my call or email! On the day of surgery, I was nervous of course. The nurses were awesome, Dr. Leppink was awesome, again he had a very reassuring and calming presence, and the anesthesiologist was awesome. I woke up feeling just fine, no nausea and pretty alert for just having surgery. If you are like me, you will find that through the course of the process (consult, pre-operation appointment, operation, post-operation appointments, and lots of phone calls in between) that you went from being a patient at Centre for Plastic Surgery to being a friend! Thanks so much to Dr. Leppink and all the wonderful support staff at the Centre for Plastic Surgery, for the highest quality of care that was given to me. I couldn’t be happier with my results!!” -Breast Augmentation Patient, Dr. Leppink

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