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Mommy Makeover FAQ

What is a mommy makeover?

It’s a customized plan of surgery that typically pertains to changes that a women experiences following pregnancy and childbirth. Typically it’s a combination of breast surgeries, body surgeries, and/or liposuction.

How do I know what surgeries I might need?

When you call our office and come in for your consultation we will extensively discuss the areas of your concern and determine the best course of treatment based on your specific needs.

Can I have all the surgeries completed at the same time?

In some cases yes, however your safety is the most important thing to us. Your surgeon will determine if combining surgical procedures is safe and allows for a manageable recovery.

How long is the recovery time following a Mommy Makeover?

Recovery time varies patient to patient. It can be dependent on the surgical procedure, overall health, and occupation.

Other questions?

If you need help exploring mommy makeover surgery, please feel free to email us or call for a consultation today. Call 616.454.1256 if you’re in the Michigan area, or toll free at 800.968.7474.