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Eyebrow Lift FAQ

Is an eyebrow lift permanent?

An eyebrow lift can take many years off your appearance, but it does not stop the aging process. As such, you will continue to age normally, but will always appear younger than you would have if you had not had the procedure.

Should I have a full brow lift, or a mini lift?

This depends entirely on your individual needs and preferences. If you do not have extensive wrinkling and furrowing of the brow, you may want to opt for the endoscopic brow lift. If you do have extensive problems with the brow area, and you want more dramatic results from the procedure, you may want to choose the open brow lift. As always, it is wise to discuss your goals and your expectations with your plastic surgeon beforehand.

Will I have scarring?

Because the incision is made behind the natural hairline, an eyebrow lift should not result in visible scarring. However, in some rare cases, the scar may be wide and create a visible line. In such cases, there are procedures available to repair this.

What are the risks?

Most of the risks of eyebrow lifts are general risks associated with any surgical procedure.

Risks inherent to the eyebrow lift procedure are rare, and most are minor. These include the risk that the nerves in the forehead may become damaged, causing you to lose the ability to feel the eyebrow and forehead area. Other risks include excessive scarring and minor hair loss in the area of the incisions.

Other questions?

If you need help from a board certified eyebrow lift plastic surgeon, please feel free to email us or call for a consultation today. Call 616.454.1256 if you’re in the Grand Rapids, Cadillac and Traverse City area, or toll free at 800.968.7474.