Complete Pigment Correction

Sun exposure, hormonal changes, and inflammation can all trigger annoying spots that surface from deep within the skin’s layers. Unfortunately, over the counter products are unable to penetrate the skin deep enough to really treat this type of pigmentation. However, our Complete Pigment Correction package utilizes two medically advanced modalities to tackle unwanted discoloration. They are:

Inmode Lumecca IPL- Three Treatments

Lumecca utilizes intense pulsed light (IPL) to selectively target and treat pigmentation through photothermolysis. This photofacial treatment utilizes a bright flash of light that is quick, comfortable, and effective. Patients should expect to see a darkening of the spots within 24-48 hours of treatment with some flaking of the darkened spots for up to seven days following. Treatments are received every four weeks (alternating with HydraFacial treatments for this package).

HydraFacial MD- Three Treatments

HydraFacial MD combines the benefits of next-level hyperdermabrasion, a chemical peel, painless extractions, and the infusion of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides along with the industry’s most advanced technology. It targets not only skin tone, but all major skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, firmness, texture, and congested skin. HydraFacial delivers immediate results with long term benefits and no downtime. Patients should expect to receive treatments every four weeks (alternating with IPL treatments for this package).

Receive all six treatments for only $1300 ($350 Savings)! Contact us through the form on this page or call 616.454.1256 for more information.

**Please note: We recommend adding a pigment management product such as SkinMedica Lytera 2.0 or SkinBetter Science Even to your skincare regimen along with an adequate sunscreen to protect results. Appropriate product will be determined by provider at the time of treatment. First treatment must be received by March 15, 2019.

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“Dr. Rechner and his practice showed the highest level of professionalism, attention to detail, and kindness though out my procedure. I had so many questions going in, and they took all the time I needed—which helped me to trust them with the procedure and recover fully. I am especially impressed with Dr. Rechner’s willingness to meet with me multiple times prior to surgery AND have his associate also meet with me to reassure me that a full (vs. partial) tummy tuck could be done. Dr. Rechner and his associate, Dr. Leppink, were the only surgeons who took the time to listen to me and understand why I was pursuing the procedure in the first place—and help me see what would bring the best results. I am so glad that I decided to trust their judgement i.e.- a full tummy tuck. I am delighted with my post-surgical body and feel that this procedure has changed my life in so many ways. I would not hesitate to return to this practice in the future. The single best thing was probably Dr. Rechner’s honesty. He explained the results I’d get from a partial tummy tuck (which was recommended by 6 other surgeons) vs. a full tummy tuck (which he recommended AND for which he explained aloud his reasoning and surgical plan). His insistence on understanding my own goals for the procedure, accompanied by his desire to get the best outcome, made all the difference. I’m very glad I got the full Tummy Tuck.”*- Tummy Tuck Patient, Dr. Rechner