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Who Makes the Best Candidate for Liposuction?

February 16, 2021

Who Makes the Best Candidate for Liposuction?

Human bodies are all so unique and yet we’re faced with trying to fit into pretty standard shapes and sizes in clothing. Add the lumps, bumps, and bulges of unwanted fat into the mix and getting dressed can be really frustrating. On top of that, our modern world is plagued by video conferencing and constant social media updates. If you are struggling to love a particular part of your body, it can often feel like there is no hiding from it. For many, here enters the thought of liposuction (and we don’t blame you one bit!). Who wouldn’t want to reshape and contour their body in the course of a few hours? However, it’s vitally important that any cosmetic procedure you choose to undergo is right for you. Read more to learn about who makes the best candidate for liposuction.


Liposuction is the “gold standard” selected by most Plastic Surgeons for fat reduction because of its safety and efficacy. Most patients report that they are very happy with the results of their liposuction because of improvements to their shape. However, the best candidates for liposuction understand what it can and cannot do. Did you know that patients only lose an average of about 2-5 pounds through liposuction? It’s not a weight loss procedure and does not affect skin laxity, cellulite, stretch marks, or muscle repair but it can help you to look more proportionate. According to Scott R. Brundage, MD, “Liposuction is not for weight loss but to remove unwanted external body fat that is disproportionate to the area of concern. A formal examination should be done to determine whether your skin tone is adequate for liposuction and if you are experiencing any other factors that need to be addressed to ensure your desired body contouring results.”   


Fat cells exist in our bodies to store fat that is converted to energy. By adolescence we’ve developed all the fat cells that we will ever have. They shrink or expand based on lifestyle, age, hormones, and genetics. Dr. Brundage explains, “We have a finite number of fat cells once we reach adulthood. If we gain weight as an adult each adipocyte (fat cell) balloons. So once a fat cell is removed it is no longer there to enlarge.” It’s completely normal for body composition to change over time as we age. However, the best candidates for liposuction are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise. Dr. Brundage says, “Studies have shown that when an individual gains weight after liposuction the areas of enlargement are usually somewhere else, but you still can get some enlargement at the treatment site because not all the fat is removed here. You can also gain visceral fat (the bad fat that gathers around organs) in the tummy area. It is best to maintain (or lose a bit!) of weight after body contouring.”


As with any other procedure at the Centre for Plastic Surgery, our number one concern is always patient safety. The best candidates for liposuction are non-smokers who are in overall good health. “It’s important that patients are honest and transparent about their health and habits. We review your complete medical history to ensure that there are no contraindications that might prevent a safe procedure. Smoking leads to a greater risk of infection and can disrupt the necessary blood flow for incisions to heal properly. If you are a smoker, we recommend that you quit completely prior to any elective surgical procedure,” says Dr. Brundage. Patients should also carefully follow our pre and post-operative instructions. They have been developed by our highly qualified team of plastic surgeons to help patients achieve the best possible outcome and mitigate complications that could occur after a liposuction procedure. 


Liposuction can be an extremely satisfying procedure. Time and time again patients report how life changing it can be to feel more comfortable in their own bodies. If it sounds like liposuction might be the right procedure for you, contact us HERE or call 616-454-1256 to schedule your consultation in our Grand Rapids, Michigan office today. 

By: Julia Weston, Marketing Manager