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By Carlie Zervan

Beauty is universal.

It’s not gender specific, despite the fact that the majority of advertising for plastic surgery is geared toward women. Men have just as much a right – and reason – to want to look a certain way. The world we live in values beauty (and rightfully so), and both women and men are rewarded for being as aesthetically pleasing to their peers as possible.

We all know the benefits of being attractive – it’s easier to find mates, self-confidence tends to be higher and the world seems to treat you a little bit kinder. Not only that, but research shows that attractive people make more money. Whatever the reason is for wanting to change our appearance, we’re lucky to live in a world where the science, techniques and price makes it safe, easily accessible and worth doing.

In recent years, the number of men opting to go under the knife has skyrocketed. There’s been a cultural shift to where not only is it okay for a man to want to look his best, but it’s encouraged, too. Below are five of the most common plastic surgery requests for men, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Blepharoplasty – a.k.a. Eyelid Rejuvenation- Whether it’s from long hours at the office, long nights of having fun, an inability to sleep all through the night or just plain genetics, many people suffer from baggy and/or puffy eyes. This condition can distort an otherwise great face, and friends and family may often suggest that you look tired or “rough.” A simple procedure that involves removing excess fat while simultaneously tightening muscles and skin makes for a quick, crisp fix. The results are a more youthful and energetic-looking you, which is what everyone wants, right?
Liposuction- Unless you have the metabolism of a Greek god, chances are that your midsection isn’t going to stay the same size your whole life. Changing your diet and adding exercise to your daily regimen is a great start, but it doesn’t always yield that results you expect and deserve. That’s where liposuction comes in. It’s a safe procedure that removes excess fat, reshapes your abdomen and provides you with a sleeker build. The procedure will have you back to work in a day or two, and have you looking closer to your high school-self than you have in years.
Rhinoplasty – a.k.a. Nose Surgery
Besides the eyes, noses are one of the first facial features people notice when greeting you. A nose that’s too big, too small, asymmetrical or crooked could make that difference between being labeled a 6 or a 10. By using a surgeon with a keen understanding of anatomy, you can change whatever it is about your nose you don’t like while keeping your masculinity (if that’s important to you) in tact. Like liposuction, the procedure is safe and relatively simple, and you’ll only need to take about a week off from work. Vacation!
Neck Lifts- As unkind as age is to the abdomen, it’s even more cruel to our necklines. Even if we haven’t packed on the pounds over the years, our necks can certainly make it look like we have. Loose skin tends to build up, obscuring our jawlines, making our cheeks look swollen and earn us the dishonor of having a “turkey neck.” With a neck lift, these problems are eradicated. It’s a straight-forward procedure that tightens the skin around your neck and leaves you looking years younger.
Gynecomastia – a.k.a. Male Breast Reduction- Nearly 40 percent of men have enlarged breasts, a medical condition that severely affects self-esteem and limits your wardrobe. Diet and exercise are always helpful when combatting conditions like this, but more often than not aren’t enough to fix the problem entirely. Getting a gynecomastia is your best bet to get rid of the breasts and regain your self-confidence. Much like liposuction, your surgeon will remove fat from the affected area and tighten the skin and muscles underneath it, leaving you with a leaner, more masculine chest.
The Centre for Plastic Surgery specializes in these surgeries for both men and women. Their surgeons know the specific wants and needs of each patient, and their skill and knowledge help craft new looks and fresh starts. Located in West Michigan, they serve as the area’s hub for cutting-edge technology and procedures.

For more information call the Centre for Plastic Surgery today at 616-454-1256 to schedule your consultation and see all of the things they can do for you, or click here for more information.

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