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By: Dr. Scott Bundage

Office based surgical facilities have grown exponentially in recent years. Statistics have shown that the number of office based surgeries have doubled with ten million procedures having been performed as recent as 2010. So what are the advantages of having your surgery done in an office based setting?

Probably the biggest advantage is convenience. Having to go to the same location as your doctor’s office is much simpler than going to a hospital owned facility at a separate location. When you are at a hospital facility you will be intermixed with all the other patients who are there for reasons not like yours, to improve your appearance. An office based facility therefore provides much more privacy. It can allow for lower costs as well. The staff that will be taking care of you is also hand selected by your plastic surgeon and they are more fully versed in your type of surgery since these types of surgery are all that they do. As the Centre for Plastic Surgery all of our staff are fully licensed and certified in their area of expertise and we also use hand selected board certified anesthesiologists that understand plastic surgery. Also the Centre for Plastic Surgery is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF). One of the largest not-for-profit accrediting organizations in the United States. Therefore when you have your surgery in an office based surgical facility you will get convenience, comfort, privacy and the knowing that you will be taken care of by highly trained staff that will have your safety in mind at all times.

At the Centre for Plastic Surgery we are proud to offer our cosmetic surgeries at the newest and most up to date operating rooms in an office based setting. Learn more about our fully Accredited in-office Surgical Centre.

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