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A Mommy what? The skinny on a Mommy Makeover.


January 25, 2016

By: Carlie Zervan
Note: Originally posted to blog.mlive.com on January 22, 2016

There isn’t a feeling that can compare to bringing a child into this world. Childbirth is a peak experience that is joyous, exciting and unique. Women who go through labor and birth often emerge from the experience feeling as if they are an entirely new person. Your motherly instinct takes over the first time you feel a kick in your belly. A child can make you fall in love in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Mothers are truly unique humans, they spend their days ensuring they can provide the perfect life for their children; they spend their nights reading bedtime stories and showing unyielding affection and love. It is common for mothers to forget that they have needs too. You’ve spent nine months knowing that something truly magical is happening to your body, but you may be asking yourself “will my body ever recover?”

Mothers of the world: do not feel ashamed to want to take care of yourself. A pregnancy brings the joy of life but also takes a toll on your body. You know you’re a strong, beautiful being, and when you look in the mirror you want to see those qualities in your reflection. The Centre For Plastic Surgery wants you to know that it is possible to gain the image confidence you had pre-pregnancy. There is even a way to help you feel better about your body than ever before. The answer? A Mommy Makeover.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover can be a single procedure or a combination of surgeries. A surgeon will evaluate your needs to provide you with rejuvenating results for women whose bodies have changed through pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding. The most common “mommy” procedures include: abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation, breast lift with or without augmentation, and liposuction.

“What most people do not realize is that you can do many of these procedures at one time,” said Scott R. Brundage, MD, Plastic Surgeon at the Centre for Plastic Surgery. “You can do multiple procedures at once and it saves time.”

Who qualifies for the Mommy Makeover?

The experts at the Centre For Plastic Surgery suggest that a woman is done having children when considering the procedures in order to avoid repeat procedures. If a woman chooses not to breast-feed they can have surgery three months after birth. Women who are breastfeeding can begin procedures three months after they are completed with the process.

The Mommy Makeover is individualized for each patient. Some women may not need multiple procedures while some may require the whole package. Having a qualified surgeon listen to your concerns and evaluate your body will help you to determine what procedures are needed to achieve the best possible result.

“Everyone is an individual. Everyone is unique. Each woman responds to the demands of pregnancy differently,” said Douglas M. Leppink, MD, Plastic Surgeon at the Centre for Plastic Surgery. “Generally we try to provide a comprehensive idea of what will work for them. Most people do not know what is available to them and that is why it is important to come in and talk to a surgeon.”

I am exercising and eating a proper diet, why can’t I get my flat stomach back? Can surgery help me?

Some women become frustrated because it seems that no matter how much exercise they get, no matter healthy their diets are, they just can’t seem to lose the extra belly fat! In some cases it’s not diet or fat, but the anatomy that is the enemy.

During pregnancy, hormones that “soften” skin and tissue are released. This softening allows skin and supporting tissues to stretch to allow space for the baby to grow and prepare the pelvic bones to separate during delivery. The supporting tissues that hold abdominal muscles together can also stretch, causing the muscles to separate from each other and allowing your insides to bulge out.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) can correct this bulge. This procedure includes repairing the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin, allowing a woman to have the pre-pregnancy shape that she desires.

What is the healing process like?

After your Mommy Makeover procedure you are allowed to return home. Patients who receive breast-correcting procedures generally take 3-4 days to recover. Abdominal surgeries require a longer recovery time of 7-10 days with a full recovery expected at two weeks.

All women are different and will require a special procedure plan, however, it is common for to return to full-employment within 2 weeks post surgery. A labor intensive job may require a patient to return to work on light duty up to 5 or 6 weeks post-surgery.

I am considering a Mommy Makeover. Who can I trust?

Mothers, you spend your time and energy taking care of others. It’s time to take care of yourself. When it comes to surgery, you have to consider your desired results and your comfort level and your safety.

Not all surgeons are created equal. It is imperative that you work with a board certified surgeon. Why? Board certified surgeons specialize in the procedures that you desire and perform them daily. These surgeons are specifically trained in transformation surgeries that you desire.

Now that you know the importance of the right surgeon, you may want to know where to find them.

The Centre For Plastic Surgery has the expert staff that wants to help you make your body rejuvenation dreams come true. The surgeons at the Centre For Plastic Surgery are not only board certified, but passionate about their work. They can help you form image goals that work specifically for you.

The surgeons at the Centre for Plastic Surgery want you to look and feel your best. They will guide you through the Mommy Makeover process and will also help you understand that your health is their #1 priority.

“We want people to be healthy,” said Dr. Benjamin P. Rechner MD, Plastic Surgeon at the Centre for Plastic Surgery. “There are limits to these surgeries, this isn’t a substitute to diet and exercise.

When you step through the doors of the Centre for Plastic Surgery, you can expect an inviting, comfortable and enlightening visit. The entire Centre for Plastic Surgery team goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and cared for. Patients of the Centre for Plastic Surgery can tell you that the experience you will receive is truly one of a kind. Patients not only feel confident in their care during the procedure, but receive the best possible care after as well. Not many patients can say they were treated with the highest level of respect and compassion during plastic surgery, but patients of the Centre for Plastic Surgery can. Read patient reviews here.

Dr. Brundage, Dr. Leppink, and Dr. Rechner can provide the outcome you desire: to look better but also feel happier and gain confidence. Check out before and after photos from their satisfied patients.

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