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3 ways to get the Breast Augmentation Results you want


April 1, 2015

By: Scott R. Brundage. MD

One of the biggest decisions in breast augmentation is choosing the size you want. Simply telling your surgeon you want to be a “C” cup often is not enough since “your idea of a C-cup” may not be the same as your surgeons “idea of a C-cup”. At the Centre for Plastic Surgery, we use multiple modalities to be sure you get the size you want and to ensure realistic expectations.

1. First, manual sizing is performed at your consultation using the Mentor® Volume Sizing System. This is done by the placement of sizing implants within your bra. This allows you to look at yourself in the mirror and get an accurate in-person preview of the “new you”. You can take all the time you need in front of the mirror, and you are welcome to bring clothes from home – or even clothes or bras that you hope to fit into after your surgery. By trying on breast implants before your surgery, you will have a realistic idea of how different size breast implants feel on your body and get a better idea of what they will look like after surgery.

2. Secondly, we employ the use of Crisalix 3-D Imaging. At your consultation, a series of photos are taken that are then uploaded and reformatted into 3-D images of your body. Using the Crisalix software program, you will sit with your patient care coordinator and “try on” implants of different sizes and types and your 3-D image will change to show the “new you”. The images can be rotated for multi-faceted viewing and clothing can be changed to provide a complete picture of the anticipated results. Because the 3D image is based on your actual body, it becomes easier to visualize a potential surgical outcome. This program has been shown to be 90% + accurate in final results.

3. Lastly, you will be encouraged to visit breastimplantsbymentor.com or implantinfo.com and pick out results of other individuals who have had this procedure. The printed photo copies will then also be used in surgery when actual implant sizers are being used to match you up to your desired size.

Using multiple modalities for breast implant sizing helps open up communication between you and your surgeon as well as assure that you will get the results you want. As one of the leading Mentor Breast Implant practice in Michigan, we pride ourselves in having satisfied patients that know they came to the right place to get the best results. If you have been considering breast augmentation, please contact us so we can discuss your goals.

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