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I have worked in an Emergency Room in a very large hospital for many years so I have met my fair share of doctors. You also get to experience a lot of different bedside manners, good or bad. Dr Leppink is by far the most personable and informative Doctor I have ever met. The procedure prices were comparable to most offices so that had held no weight in making a decision what office to use. After consulting 4 offices, Doctor Leppink's amazing bedside manner and knowledge base won me over. NONE of the other doctors I consulted with spent even half the amount of time with me during the consult, or explained every aspect of the procedure with me from history, to anatomy, to outcomes and complications. Dr Leppink really focuses on helping you understand how your body individually could respond to the procedure and works directly with you to decide on a plan. I have never met a doctor that is so willing to not only listen but really tries to understand everything from your concerns, what hopes you have and results you strive for. Don't get me wrong though, He's also willing to tell you what you may not want to whats out of your reach and what results aren't going to be the way you want them. The difference is he does it with compassion and respect. His office staff were just as amazing, and accommodating. One of the staff was even willing to come into the room and show me her results from one of the procedures I was looking to have done. Its just amazing the amount of time this office is willing to spend on a patient, from consult to follow up visit! I couldn't recommend them more. My results have been great and I really left a lot of choices up to Dr Leppink to make on his own. I really trusted him to do what not only best for me but also what would be the best way to help me achieve what I was hoping to!

My best experience was with Dr. Rechner. He is so thorough and honest. He is realistic about our goal with the surgery. He is excellent at his craft" and that is what I had heard prior to my decision. He went out his way to make sure that I was pleased with the results with follow up appointments. His demeanor is very kind and caring. I had a face lift, neck lift and eyes. The result is so natural and the comparison between before and after is remarkable. I am so pleased I don't look like Joan Rivers and the like. I look refreshed and the investment was so well worth it for me personally. I had sagging jowls, double chins and deep lines. That black cloud, looming over me everyday as I looked in the mirror, has been lifted. Dr. R is a professional and takes his work seriously. I would refer him any time."

I don't know where to start. Dr. Leppink and his entire staff were compassionate, professional, & extremely helpful. From my first visit with the doctor, through the scary surgery experience (my first surgery), to the recovery & post op I was treated with respect. Never rushed, never pushed, & always well-informed. I would not have had this surgery through a traditional doctor/hospital arrangement. Besides Dr. Leppink's outstanding credentials, the fact that I knew the entire cost prior to surgery and that there would be no surprise charges gave me the peace of mind to pursue this surgery. In addition, the entire office and medical staff made me feel safe and comfortable at all times. Dr. Leppink is a medical artist. The results are amazing. The contours are perfect, proportional, and smooth. I did not expect my abdominal area to be so flat and smooth! I do not need additional surgery, but if I did I would not hesitate to return to Leppink even though I have moved out of state. I would recommend him and his staff to everyone!!

There are not enough kind words to write! I am so thankful to Dr. Brundage and his staff for helping me make an informed and sure decision to have my surgery. This has been a true physical and emotional transformation. I still stand in the mirror and look at my new tummy. I thank you, Dr. Brundage, every day. You were patient, kind and you really cared about perfect results. You are an amazing, caring group of people.

Dr. Leppink is one of the most patient and thorough physicians I have ever met. His attention to individual patient details and excellence in his surgical procedure have completely blown me away. My procedure was already 8 years ago from April of this year, and I can still say that Dr. Leppink's results, care, and personal attention to me have completely changed my life for the better. I cannot express my gratitude in further words with this is far beyond that.

Dr. Rechner and his staff are very professional and I felt comfortable with all of them immediately! The staff did a very nice job in answering my questions. I love the results of the surgery! It really gave me the confidence and comfort that I needed. Dr. Rechner, you changed my life! Thank you all very much!

I am so thankful for so many things. One is finding the Centre for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rechner and your staff have been so nice, and work hard to make everything work smoothly.Dr. Rechner your caring ways always shine through. Thank you so much to Dr. Rechner and staff.

I was treated with a great amount of respect and professionalism. I was not pushed to make any decisions about having the procedure. It was made very clear to me that what I wanted my body to look like was the most important thing to the Dr. Brundage and staff.

I wrote a letter to your office following my surgery and complimented the entire team for making my experience such a good one! It seemed that everyone involved went above and beyond. I honestly think this was the best surgical experience I have ever had, it doesn’t get any better than this office and staff