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February 21, 2017

By: Julia Weston

Flashing back to early 2016 I was the brand new to the Centre for Plastic Surgery and trying to come up with fun ways to get people engaged. With the non-stop flood of beauty and skincare information out there it’s always a challenge to stand out.  I had just transitioned from a job in make-up and a big spring focus had always been about bridal makeup. I thought “why not focus on brides here too?”  And what’s more exciting than FREE stuff when you are getting married? Thus, our Beauty and the Bride Sweepstakes was born. 
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August 08, 2016

By: Dr. Leppink

Why do I have swelling above my Tummy Tuck incision line?
All patients have some swelling above their incision line after a Tummy Tuck. This is caused by the division of the lymphatic vessels that drain the abdominal skin and fat of the natural fluid that leaks out of our working muscles. Usually that fluid in the abdomen skin and fat drains by gravity into lymph nodes in the groin, but a Tummy Tuck incision cuts those drainage vessels, therefore fluid will accumulate above the incision. The good news is that the body will restore that normal drainage pattern,... Read More

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July 18, 2016

By: Dr Leppink
Intense Pulsed Light therapy is one of the workhorse skin treatments at the Centre for Plastic Surgery. IPL can be thought of as a variation on a laser, with the treatment directed primarily at pigmentation and fine blood vessels or redness in the skin (such as rosacea). The light energy is absorbed by the skin pigment or blood vessels and disruption on a microscopic level occurs, resulting in resorption of  the pigment and coagulation of the blood vessels. (Click HERE for a short demonstration video on the InMode Lummeca IPL website). The result is a decrease... Read More

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June 23, 2016

By: Lisa 

For those of you that don’t know me, I have been a Certified Scrub Technician at the Centre for Plastic Surgery for 8 years. After all the tummy tuck procedures I had seen & done (hundreds!), it didn’t seem too hard so I decided that after having 3 kids & losing some weight I was going to have it done. Having watched so many moms like me get fantastic results I was confident it was the right procedure for me. Since so many come to us for this surgery I thought I would take this opportunity to share. This is the story of my experience from start to finish. 
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May 02, 2016

By: Jill Koetje-Aesthetician

I don’t know about any of you, but as a teen I totally failed in the skincare department. I had breakouts constantly & just when I thought they were going away a new one would start. I couldn’t fight the urge to pick at the blemishes (seriously how hard is it to not pick at them though?!), which always made it worse. What’s even worse than that? I went tanning all the time with no sunscreen on to try to clear it all up. Not good. At the time I always looked forward to being in my 20’s - “The age where I would have perfect skin”. Ha!! Flash... Read More

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April 17, 2016

By: Liz Burgess 

Do I Really Have to Have My Picture Taken? It's the question we get asked most often when people come to us for a consultation. From family photos to capturing those precious memories like births, graduations vacations & weddings its common to have real anxiety over having our picture taken. And here at Centre for Plastic Surgery, we ask the unimaginable. After you reveal your single most bothersome figure flaw to us, we ask you to step in front of the camera so we can document it. Now that is a rare form of torture! But, we really don’t do it to torment... Read More

April 10, 2016

By: Dr. Scott Brundage, MD
Statistically in the past the most popular procedures for men have been improvement in the appearance of the nose and eyelids. However, today we are seeing a new trend.  One of the top areas of concern has become the chin & neck. Most men naturally tend to have a more prominent jawline with the neck being a prominent part of that definition. It is definitely a common stereotype of masculinity. Some men are just born with a “softer” appearance in that area.  Others find that the chin and jawline can become less defined as they age with or without... Read More

March 16, 2016

By: Julia Weston

As the Marketing Manager and a new employee at The Centre for Plastic Surgery I have had to spend much of my time learning about the office, the physicians, and our other providers. In this process, I found out that we are home to West Michigan’s foremost Rhinoplasty surgeon! Dr. Brundage is not only passionate about this procedure but with over 30 years of experience he is also artful & extremely competent. Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult procedures for plastic surgeons to learn and one of the most intimidating procedures for patients to commit to. It... Read More

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March 14, 2016


Mlive Blog Post
By: Carlie Zervan

No matter how excellent your diet and exercise regime may be you might still have certain problem areas that remain unchangeable. If you are frustrated that your hard work and self-control aren't paying off, you should consider CoolSculpting.

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February 25, 2016

4 Tips for Your Healthiest Skin
By: Carlie Zervan- Mlive

One of the first things that we notice about another person is the quality of their skin. In today's society our faces can be out there at any time for the world to see. It's no wonder that according to, Americans spend more than 38 billion dollars on cosmetics and skin care in one year!  From the frustrations of pre-teen pimples to the fear of forming wrinkles, skincare is important at every age.

The skincare experts at the Centre for Plastic Surgery have a few tips that you should... Read More

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